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New range of Kreg Pockethole Jigs

Introduced some time back, the Kreg Pockethole Jig continues to gain popularity with DIYers.


I have been using my Kreg pockethole jig for the past 5 years and would recommend this amazing system to anyone. Pockethole joinery allows you to build furniture with strong joints that are fast and easy to do. The Kreg pockethole jig is fully adjustable to take timber and board of various widths that is clamped to allow drilling a hole at an angle.

The Kreg K4MS Pockethole System includes: Drill Guide Block, Bench top Base, Portable Base, Dust Collection Shroud, Material Support Stop, Premium Face Clamp, Step Drill Bit (KJD), 2 Driver Bits, Depth Collar, Allen Wrench, assorted screws and plugs, Skillbuilder DVD and instruction Manual all packed in a sturdy carry case.

Using a Kreg pockethole jig system allows you to design furniture that wouldn't be as easy using braces and brackets. These bathroom vanities have no visible screws whatsoever.





The Kreg pockethole jig allows you to design and create furniture in new ways. With a Kreg pockethole jig construction is quick and easy and joints are strong. You don't need braces and brackets and assembly doesn't require a clamping set-up while waiting for glue to dry.

Even a beginner DIYer can use a Kreg pockethole jig. A complete kit, such as the Kreg K4MS Master System, comes with everything you need to start using your pockethole jig immediately. And that includes the screws and fillers.