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Dining room makeover

Discover how easy it is to DIY and you will soon be making your own furniture and accessories - for any room in a home...!


Don't spend a fortune on new furniture and accessories for a dining room makeover when you can so easily make your own. I came across this dining room makeover on West Elm, so if you prefer to buy rather than make - you can.

A plain dining room is transformed into a comfortable and cosy space with a new dining table, chairs and benches. What's interesting about this makeover is that it incorporates DIY projects we have already covered here on Home-Dzine.

Love the new look with a solid table, bench and chairs. You will find instructions for making the bench here. The old light fixture has been swapped out for a more modern fitting and instantly updates the room.

The chairs in the new dining room came as a pleasant surprise, especially since I designed almost the exact same chairs a couple of years back. Easy to make and won't cost a fortune, you can knock up a couple of chairs in a weekend. Make up a small cushion for added comfort.

Need art...? Use timber and board offcuts painted in your choice of colours and mounted onto a backing board for high-impact art that won't cost much and looks good.

You can use Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint to add colour to offcuts. Use the colours in your new artwork to incorporate colourful accessories. In this dining room, the rug takes its cues from the art and colours in the art match the curtains - all tied nicely together.


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