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How To Choose The Perfect Dining Chairs

Choosing dining chairs for a dining room involves checking the height, comfort and style, but how do you select the perfect dining chair?



We know that every dining room is going to be different - it might be a sunny spot or a space that doesn't receive a lot of natural light - it could be just a small area that is crammed in between the kitchen and living area - it may also be for casual dining or formal entertaining These are just some of the factors to consider before purchasing perfect dining chairs.

So let's take a look at factors to take into consideration when shopping for dining chairs:









1. Correct Height for Dining Chairs

When you want to replace old fashioned dining chairs with something a little modern, the first thing you want to do is to grab your notebook and a pencil to measure the height of your existing dining chairs. The standard height for dining chairs is between 43 to 48 cm and this measurement should be relative to the height of your dining table and the amount of knee space required. If the chairs are too high and the table set lower than average there won't be enough space for comfortable legroom. A good rule of thumb is to have a minimum of 20 cm between the chair seat and tabletop.



2. Correct Spacing for Dining Chair

Once you have ascertained the right size for the dining chairs, the next step is to work out how many chairs can comfortably fit around the dining table. If you are buying a dining suite this would have already been worked out for you, but if you are buying the dining chairs and dining table separate it is important to ensure there is enough room around the table.

A dining table with a length of 180 cm should seat 6 people if you allow 61 cm space for each diner. A 240 cm dining table will seat 8 diners. Keeping within the guidelines for comfortable seating you might be able to squeeze in extra chairs in a pinch depending on the dining chair design.







3. Selecting a Style for Dining Chairs

After deciding on the size of the chair for your particular dining table, then it's time to think about a style for your dining chairs. Do you want upholstered chairs? Should the chairs have armrests? Is the upholstery fabric easy to keep clean? These are all factors to keep in mind when selecting dining chairs.


• Upholstered or Non-Upholstered Dining Chairs

Making the choice between upholstered or non-upholstered chairs can be a hard decision. One reason that most people opt for non-upholstered chairs is the fact that they have a longer lifespan and are easy to clean. On the other hand, people choose upholstered dining chairs for the comfort factor. There is also the fact that most non-upholstered chairs have a slimmer profile and overall shape than upholstered dining chairs.

If you plan to entertain often you need to consider comfort as a deciding factor while still keeping in mind that the fabric should be easy to keep clean. If chair fabric is not treated against stains, ask if this can be done.


• Style and shape of dining chairs

Since the decor in a dining room generally reflects the style chosen for the rest of the home, you will want a chair style that complements the look used throughout the home. Taking all the above factors into consideration it should make your decision easier as to the size of the chair, the profile and whether or not it is upholstered.


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Nowadays furniture stores offer a diversity of items for home. It will take a lot of time, if you visit each store to find what you want. But there are marketplaces where many retailers are put together to make product selection available on site for customers.


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