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What Style for your Dining Table and Chairs?

As someone who is a bit eclectic when it comes to style, I find it difficult to settle on a particular style for my dining table and chairs.


I am one of those decorators who has no particular style. I love traditional, I adore modern, I'm a fan of country and shabby chic, and I can even see contemporary style as a feature in my home. I suppose that means I'm a bit eclectic... I just can't decide which style I like the best and which style I should choose for my dining table and chairs.

Managing my own website has allowed me to see the best of all styles when it comes to options for a dining room, but it has also blurred the lines a bit when having to choose a style for my own dining room. So far I've had a traditional dining suite, I've been down the modern road, and I've made by own wood and steel dining table, so that could be considered a tad cottage or contemporary.





If there was one style I really had to choose, one that would be timeless, elegant and comfortable, I would think that a traditional dining table and chairs would be the most sensible option. My modern dining table quickly became dated and old-fashioned, even though I still loved its curved lines and glass-topped table. And that's the problem with many modern styles these days, whether it's for dining room furniture, or any other type of furniture for a home. What's trendy today could be out of fashion tomorrow.

A dining suite in traditional style is generally made of wood, usually an exotic hardwood, and these can be pricey to buy, especially if you select a traditional style chair to complement a traditional wooden dining table. I love the idea of a traditional dining set, but despite the fact that these sets are considered of a timeless design, there are some that really do look a bit fuddy-duddy and not what I see in my dining room.

I think that's the problem with many people who are a bit eclectic in their design sensed, it's really hard to visualise a particular style that works for us and we usually end up with a hodge-podge of designs that make no sense whatsoever but seem to go well together (if you like that kind of look!).

I do love the look and feel of a chunky, circular dining table with fully upholstered dining chairs, but this just wouldn't work in the space that I have. I'm stuck with a rectangular design that fits into the dining area, and I really don't want to spend my time cleaning or re-upholstering dining chairs.

My particular problem stems from the fact that, as an avid DIY enthusiast, it is hard for me to shop for furniture. I tend to look at what's out there and view each piece as my next project, or wonder how to heck they can charge so much for a certain piece that I could easily make myself. That leaves with very little choice at the end of the day, and I usually walk away feeling let down that I didn't find something I liked.



Another issue I have problems with when looking for options for a dining table and chairs is the fact that, like many people I browse the Internet looking for ideas and usually find plenty of them. The only problem with this is that when it comes to looking at what is available locally, I'm sadly left desiring something that is not available - and not even close.

Unfortunately we South Africans are sadly limited for choice. It's either going to be a bit cheap and poorly made, or it's going to be over-the-top expensive.

So is there a conclusion to my search for the perfect dining table and chairs? I think not. There are just too many variables to consider and too little choices. It appears that I shall continue to make my own furniture until such time as I stumble across the perfect piece of furniture and buy it - before I change my mind!

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