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Have fun with your dining room

If your dining room is fading into the background, here are some inspiring ideas for adding colour and impact.


It's the room where you entertain family and friends, or celebrate the big and little events of your life. When it comes to colour, you want a warm and cosy, yet energetic atmosphere conducive to a fun dining experience.

Paint the room in a colour that adds sophistication and depth, or try paint techniques such as colour wash or a suede finish, or textured walls for a custom look. If you have never tried paint techniques before, practice on a poster board to achieve the perfect look before moving onto the walls.

When designing a space for dining, concentrate on four things: de-clutter, paint, fabric and lighting. Keep the room simple with a dining table, chairs and server/buffet to create a perfect foundation.

Beautiful drapes and fabrics in a dining room are a must have. Custom window treatments can be expensive, but there are many home stores that offer beautiful ready made panels and drapery hardware at affordable prices.

If you're looking for something different, create a dining room that looks like a page in your favourite design magazine.

Gone are the days of the requisite dining room set consisting of a perfectly matched table and chairs. Instead, mix furniture styles, fabrics and finishes for a look that is less contrived and more welcoming. An antique dining table combined with modern seating works well to create an electic blend of old and new and a relaxed sense of style. The key to this kind of look is to start with a great table and then find the chairs that play off the style of the table.

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