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Living and dining in one space

A clever layout will create two distinct areas, but link the two by choosing furniture in matching woods and using the same chocolate and lime green colour scheme throughout the space.


Top tips

Hang a low-level pendant light over the table to define the dining area of the room. Go for a corner sofa with low arms to act as a divider between the living and dining areas without blocking the view.

Glass or Perspex furniture

Barely there glass furniture makes the dual-purpose space feel less cluttered.

Handy storage

Multipurpose rooms get messy more easily, so make sure everything has a place. This rattan carrier holds cutlery, napkins and condiments.

Coordinating fabrics

Tie the two areas together by using the same fabrics to make runners and napkins for the table and cushions for the sofa and chairs.

Defining space
Separate living and dining areas with freestanding open shelves. This type of storage can be accessed from both sides.

Display objects between books and keep the look neat by tucking small items away in storage boxes. Arrange books by size for a more pleasing effect.

Top tips:
For a very small or cramped living-dining area, position a low shelf at the back of a sofa or chair to create the division between the living and dining areas - it will also create handy storage. Use it as a server or to store your special crockery.

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