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Small space dining room or eat-in kitchen solution

When space is limited you have to look at furniture that fits. This wall mounted dining nook not only takes up hardly any space - you can also fold it away when not in use.

You can make this wall-mounted dining table or desk using laminated pine or 16mm marine plywood and leave as is or stain and varnish in your choice of finish, or you can make using 16mm MDF and paint to match your existing decor.

When not in use the table top folds down to hide the top support and take up no space. Alternatively, with a bit of DIY savvy you could design the top to lift up and serve as a door for the integral shelf unit.





If you fancy making this fold-up table to use in a kitchen or dining room, or even as a desk, we modified the design to make it easier and sturdier by changing the support under the table top. It's always mindful to consider children in the home, and the original top support can so easily be knocked out of position and fall on a small child.

To make the design shown here using 16mm marine plywood you will need:

2 of 200 x 1500mm - cabinet top / bottom

2 of 200 x 500mm - cabinet sides (plus any centre sections)

1 of 50 x 1468mm - cabinet wall mounting

1 of 550 x 1500mm - table top

1 of 80 x 600mm - wall mounting

2 of 600 x 700mm - top supports (cut to shape)

2 of 48 x 50mm - centre blocks

Assemble the cabinet by cutting a slot at the top of any centre uprights to allow for mounting the cabinet wall support. This must be securely mounted onto the wall using nylon wall plugs and screws. 

Both the table top / desk and top supports are attaching using a piano hinge.

The wall mounting for the top supports must be securely mounted onto the wall using nylon wall plugs and screws. The centre blocks attached to the wall mounting hold the top supports in alignment.

At the ends of the top supports a hook and eye latch secure the supports safely in place.