An old door becomes a handy message board

My husband hauled this treasure home one day from the dump — a solid hardwood core and ALL the glass in perfect condition!

I had high hopes for alternative uses for it. First it was going to hang in the living room to showcase black and white photos. Then after our next housing move I knew this door was going in the office … it just took a while to find it’s way there! After hesitating over painting the wood, I bit the bullet. The wood grain was so beautiful … but somehow it wasn’t old enough to be “cool.” So, black it is!

1. The door was in perfect condition and only needed a good clean before painting. Use an enamel or oil-based paint for a durable, scratch-resistant finish.

2. Next came the cork. If you can't get your hands on cork, you can also use soft board which works just as well. You will need to cut either the cork or soft board to the size of the glass panels. Since I was adhering it to the glass, I had to be sure the standard push pins would not put any pressure on the glass itself. For a standard cork board, you can get away with applying a thin sheet of cork to a wood or MDF backing.

3. Use a fairly strong adhesive to stick in the cork or soft board - you don't want them falling out later on. A good product is No More Nails but you will find plenty of construction adhesives at your local Builders Warehouse. You can also use contact adhesive.

4. For aesthetic reasons, I opted to leave 4 panes uncorked, but this is up to you. If you want to add more colour you could also top the cork or soft board with coloured craft paper, or even fabric.