Make a cardboard spring wreath

Add a fresh welcome to your home and brighten up for spring with this aromatic lemon wreath made from recycled toilet roll tubes.


Cut the toilet roll tubes into sections about 2 centimetres wide. You will need about 12 toilet roll tubes in total to make the wreath, but allow for extras just in case.

Peel open the sections you have just cut, so that you can create a twirly-wirly bit for the circle shape - as shown. Use a staple or sticky dot to glue each section back together again.

Arrange the new shapes into a circle. Use a stapler to fasten each circle to the next one until the circle shape is complete.



Now you need to cut out some extra shapes for filling in the centre of the wreath. Use a pen to coil the cardboard into shapes as shown.

Now you can start adding the new shapes to fill up the centre of the wreath. As you add a new piece, work out how to staple to the other pieces so that your design is secure.

Here is a close up of how the individual sections are all stapled together. If you find it difficult to staple, use sticky dots or hot glue instead.

Use acrylic craft paint and a small artist's paintbrush to paint all the sections before you finish the assembly by adding some sprigs of greenery from the garden and your fresh lemons. If you have a lemon tree in the garden you can pick smaller lemons for this project. o hang, staple a piece of string to the back of the wreath.