Decorative cushion with t-shirt scraps

Still hoarding last year's t-shirts, despite the fact that they are full of holes? Time to cut them up and make this decorative cushion cover. You can use a single t-shirt, or combine coloured t-shirts for an even more decorative effect.

Sachiko has some wonderful projects on her site for using t-shirt scraps, so pop by when you have a chance.

The first step is to cut up the old t-shirt. Divide it into useable sections and remove any seams. From the largest parts cut out rectangles to make the cushion cover. Once you've done that you can cut it into strips.

Using whatever pieces are left, cut these into 3cm-wide strips. You can make them smaller if there isn't that much fabric left to use. Give each strip a bit of stretch and pull to curl the edges.



Sachiko used the strips to start her design for the top of the cushion cover. When you stretch the strips, they will curl up; I think this gives an interesting effect to the pillow. I didn't have any design in mind so I just eye -balled the middle, and pinned the first strip and started to sew.

Add interest with a few ruffled strips. To make ruffles, sew in the middle of the strips with large stitches and pull one of the threads at the end. Gather the fabric to make ruffles.

Put the front and back section with right sides together; pin and sew all around it with 12mm seam. Make sure to leave 10cm-wide opening for turning inside out and inserting the cushion inner. Cut off the corners for a neat finish. Insert the cushion inner and hand sew the opening closed.