Beautiful roses using egg cartons

Having previously featured an article on using egg cartons to make roses, I just had to share this project as well. Normal egg cartons are cut to petal shapes, painted and formed into exquisite roses that you can put on display, or use to embellish projects.

Last year we featured beautiful egg carton roses and showed you how simple they are to make. Amazing how something as simple as an egg carton can be transformed into these beautiful roses.







Large egg carton tray
Long scissors
Craft paint
Thin wire
Green card
Florists wire
Yellow pop-pom or felted ball
Sticky glue dots




1. Cut the carton into individual segments. You will need long, sharp scissors for this.

2. Once you have cut out all the egg containers, start trimming them into petal shapes as shown left. Make 4-petal and 5-petal shapes to offer a variation in the design.


3. Paint the individual petal components with craft paint. Add light shading to the tips of each petal.


4. Hook the wire through the pom-pom or felted ball and thread this through one of your 5-petal sections. Add a sticky glue dot to alternating petals and fold these up to form the centre.

5. Repeat this process for the remaining petals, wrapping firmly around the centre to create a rosebud.

Here is what your rosebud should look like at this stage.

6. Add another 5-petal section onto the wire and move up to the top so that it sits under the rosebud.






7. Now you can add the larger 4-petal sections to build up the outside of the rose shape.

Continue adding 4-petal sections, spacing the new sections to overlap the old ones as shown.

Doesn't this rose look beautiful. By overlapping the petals you re-create the natural shape of a true rose.

8. To finish off your rose, cut a piece of green card to fit at the bottom of the rose. Thread this onto your wire and use a couple of sticky glue dots to secure.

Finally, add a couple of silk leaves that you can buy at most home decor stores.