Practical ways to recycle old oil drums

A few years back I featured an article on recycling oil drums into cabinets. Now, there are so many additional options to recycle old oil drums.


A few years back I featured an article on how to recycle oil drums into retro-style cabinets for a home. Since then, oil drum furniture and storage has been popping up everywhere. Priced from around R220, you can pick up oil drums from a variety of local suppliers. If you are prepared to put in the time and effort, you can easily make your own stylish and trendy furniture at very reasonable cost.



Recycling oil barrels into a braai has been a South African tradition for many years, and there's no reason why you can't use oil drums in new ways for an inexpensive and sustainable option for decor, furniture and accessories. And you can decide on the level of effort that needs to be put into the project - for a piece that is plain and simple, or something more detailed.

More than just recycling oil drums into furniture, you can now find oil drums recycled into a wide range of accessories and practical pieces; from wall clocks to outdoor sinks...

If you love spending time outdoors in the garden, here's a great way to turn an oil drum into an outdoor sink. Connect the sink to a hosepipe for water on tap when you need it.

Furniture, both indoor and outdoor, has definitely become a great way to recycle oil barrels. Oil barrel furniture has become so popular that there are even enthusiasts turning oil barrels into furniture as a home business. We show some unique furniture designs below that are easy to replicate for your own home.

Recycling oil barrels into practical storage cabinets continues to be a popular trend, and there are many different ideas to choose from; from basic storage cabinets that require very little work - to stylish cabinets that lend a retro and industrial touch to living spaces.

If you're a fan of industrial style, or love mixing it up with your interior decor, recycling oil barrels is an inexpensive way to furnish your interior with sustainable design that can be customised to your own personal taste.


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