Make a Bird Feeder using Plastic Salad Containers

When buying certain ready-made foods, they are presented in plastic salad containers that are great for turning into bird feeders.



When buying ready-made salads at my local supermarket, these are often packed in plastic containers. With my penchant for always being on the lookout for ways to recycle plastic in any form, I love the idea of being able to turn these plastic containers into bird feeders to attract and feed wildlife in the garden.

Now that winter is here, the local wildlife is going to struggle to find food and water, and this bird feeder is quick and easy to make, as well as recycling another plastic product to keep off our dumps and landfills.








3 plastic containers



Plastic straws or something to thread the string through

Steel hanger

Wild bird seed



1. Cut the lid off the container - if this is attached - and wash and dry the containers.

2. Use your scissors to pierce [4] holes in the rim of the containers, making these spaced equally around the perimeter.

3. Cut [4] lengths of string that can be threaded through the holes in the container and hung from a tree branch.


4. Cut plastic straws to fit around the string between the feeders, as shown below. This will hold the different levels in place so that you can add wild bird seed and fresh water every day.







5. Hang the bird feeder from a high branch where cats and dogs won't interfere and you will soon see how the feeder attracts birds to your garden.




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