How to make a rag rug using fabric scraps

Rag rugs have been around for ages, but I haven't previously been very impressed with what I have seen. Lately, however, there are some really adorable designs that are popping up for a nursery or children's bedroom. Here are two charming pink-hued rag rugs.



Jen at Scissors and Spatulas designed this beautiful rag rug in pink and blue fabric scraps for her daughter's nursery. You will find instructions below for making a quick and easy rag rug using fabric scraps and a nylon mat.

Jamie at Everyday Art made a beautiful rag rug for her daughter's bedroom in plain and patterned pink fabric scraps. If you don't have enough scraps to make a rag rug, you normally find that many fabric stores offer an offcut bin where you can pick up scrap fabrics at bargain prices. They also have nylon mats for making rugs. Cut strips 2cm wide and 10cm long.

Place the fabric strips through the mat. You don't have to fill every single row and can skip a row or two between the strips here and there. Although not absolutely necessary to tie a knot in the strips, if this is going to be used in a nursery, tying a knot is a good idea.