Get create with plastic crates

Upcycling plastic crates is the new fad in recycling. They are strong and tough and you can use them in various ways for storage, but I love the new craze for turning plastic crates into upholstered stools.

Make your own upholstered stools for outdoors - or they are great for seating in a childrens bedroom. Cut a plywood top to fit onto the top of the crate and upholster this with foam and fabric before gluing the plywood board on top of the crate... easy!

Use Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in your choice of colour to transform plastic crates easily to match your decor.

Don't you love these plastic crates that also serve as storage. You could use these almost anywhere. Perfect for a craft or hobby room, and the kids can use them to pack away their toys.

And plastic crates are also perfect for making small tables. The unique cradle fitted onto the bottom of plastic crates allows them to be used as tables or stacked away when not in use.