New ways to use old pantyhose

I am unfortunately one of those people who attracts ladders in my pantyhose, so looking for new ways to use old pantyhose was a great idea.


One of the most practical ways to put your old stockings to good use is to use it for cleaning around the house. I like to make my own dusters using some sponge offcuts and an old stocking. Push the foam inside the stocking and tie a knot to close. You can easily remove the stocking when it needs washing. 

The stocking duster is perfect for dusting areas that tend to collect static, and for glass and mirrors. 



Another easy way to use old stockings to clean around the house is to pop your hand inside the stocking. That way, you can clean detailed items with ease and use them over and over again.

Use old stockings to check the finish on sanded furniture before you paint, seal or varnish. Rub the stocking over the surface with the direction of the grain and you will soon pick up any imperfections. 

Another use for old stockings - clean ones of course - is to filter your cooking oil after use. I normally manage to use the oil 3 or 4 times before I need to throw it out. 

All you need to filter cooking oil is a funnel, an old stocking and a recycled glass jar. Don't store in the fridge, but place in a cupboard or pantry until next use. 

This next idea is ideal if you use a shop vac, or even use your vacuum cleaner for cleaning a workshop. 

Place an old stocking over the filter holder and then pop on the filter cover. The stocking prevents smaller dust particles from clogging up the filter too quickly. 

If you own a Bosch PFS spray system, or need to water down paint, you will love this idea... 

Clean out an empty paint container and cut a hole in the lid. 

Use a stapler to attach an old stocking to the top of the lid [as shown above].

Use pliers and a hammer to fold over the ends of the staples and flatten them. 

Cut off excess stocking and tie a knot in the end.

Place the lid firmly on the empty paint container and pour watered down paint into this. This method is also a great way to remove lumps from paint.


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