Upcycle aluminium cans

We show you how to upcycle aluminium cans into attractive storage containers.


There are hundreds of ideas of upcycling aluminium cans for use in and around the home, but I love this idea for turning aluminium cans into attractive storage containers that will cost very little and you can finish them as you wish.


Aluminium cans, cleaned

Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint

Printed designs on paper

ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer



Balsa wood, 3mm and 6mm thickness

Craft knife, junior hacksaw or Dremel MotoSaw




1. Clean and dry your aluminium cans.

GOOD TO KNOW: If there are clumps of glue still on the cans, you can remove this with acetone (nail polish remover)

2. Put down some newspaper or take your cans outside to spray them. Apply light, even coats to prevent runs and drips, and allow drying time between each coat.

3. While your cans are drying, search online for designs that you can print out to embellish your cans. Cut out the designs with sharp scissors, removing as much of the background as possible.

4. Apply ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer where you want to fix your designs.

5. Press the design onto the wet ModPodge, press down gently with your fingers and then apply 2 to 3 coats of ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer over the top. Let each coat dry before applying the next coat.

6. To complete your aluminium storage cans you can make your own lids using balsa wood. Balsa wood is a very soft wood and is easy to work with and you can cut out the circular shapes using a sharp craft knife, a junior hacksaw, or a Dremel MotoSaw or scroll saw. You can buy balsa wood at hobby shops.

7. For a snug fitting lids to fit on top of your cans, measure the inside diameter of your cans. You want the lid to fit inside the lip around the can. You will also need a bottom piece for your lid, to hold the lid in place. The bottom section should be slightly smaller than the top piece.


If you struggle to find balsa wood, try using cork to make your own lids for recycled aluminium can crafts. You can add buttons on top of the cork lids to lift off.

You  can use the method shown above to upcycle almost any size of aluminium can, like coffee cans for example. Add your choice of design to large coffee cans and mount these onto a board for attractive storage in a bathroom.

https://pinterest.com - AccCzJHZW6sH-8f_Z-xinUK3U2El5otaU6CYWV3csCv-KO4uJtWiGE4/

When upcycling cans for storage you can wrap your aluminium cans with fabric or pretty paper to make a pretty storage option. Use beads and sewing embellishments to add interesting designs. A clever idea... don't throw away can tops, simply spray them and glue on a large bead to make a lid.

https://pinterest.com - 452189618827588491/



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