Turn wood offcuts into placemats

Got some wood left over from a previous project? Use scrap wood into decorative placemats for your dining table.


Turn pieces of scrap wood into decorative placemats to dress up your dining table. All you need for this project are a few craft supplies:


Scrap wood placemats

Stencil and stencil brush

White acrylic craft paint

Polyurethane varnish and paintbrush

Woodoc gel stain


Disposable gloves

Buy all the tools and supplies for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.




1. To make the placemats use assorted scraps of wood. These can be glued together, or you can use a Kreg Pockethole Jig or Biscuit Joiner. Apply Woodoc gel stain in different wood tints and then sand the edges for rustic effect.

2. Place the stencils on the wood and use a stencil brush to apply several light coats of acrylic craft paint. It is best to build up light layers of paint until you achieve the desired effect.

3. Once the paint is dry you can protect the finish by applying a couple of coats of polyurethane varnish. 


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