Cellphone charger box

Use an old shoebox to create a cellphone charger box to keep all your cellphone chargers in one location, and keep cords and cables out of sight.



Bostik sprayable adhesive
Wrapper paper
Contact self-adhesive vinyl
Contact self-adhesive velvet - optional
Large washers
Sharp craft knife




1. Use a sharp craft knife to cut a slot in the box to allow the power extension cable to be plugged in.

2. Spray the shoebox with Bostik sprayable adhesive. Lay on top of your wrapping paper and start the wrap up the box. Cut the paper as needed for corners and a nice finish. Use sprayable adhesive as and where needed to stick down loose edges. Do the same for the lid.

3. Use a craft knife to make holes for the charger leads.

4. Apply clear contact self-adhesive vinyl to the outside of the box to protect it, and contact self-adhesive velvet to finish off the inside (optional).