Quick Project: Turn a washing machine drum into a braai

Before you chuck out that old washing machine, see how you can use the stainless steel drum to make a braai for your patio or deck.


This project is so easy, you can easily set up your own braai for a deck, patio, or on your balcony. Before you chuck out that old washing machine, remove the stainless steel drum, buy some castor wheels, and get started on this project. 



This upcycling project lets you set up your own braai almost instantly, giving you the perfect opportunity to sit outdoors and enjoy a braai with family and friends - no matter how small the space. Adding castor wheels to the base allows you to wheel the braai out when you need it, or keep it tucked out of sight when not in use.

Before you start, Check the drum and remove any plastic or non-metal parts. Also check that the drum has plenty of holes in the surround, since airflow is important for your braai to work properly.


1. The washing machine drum should have holes in the base of the drum and you can use these to attach the castor wheels. Buy the castor wheels first and then make sure to get the right size threaded bolts and nuts that fit into the holes.

2. Use the threaded bolts and nuts for securing the 3 castor wheels to the base. Tighten the nuts securely with a spanner so that the castor wheels are firmly attached.

3. To add the grill for your braai, use an old grill that fits onto the top, or buy one at your local Builders Warehouse. Depending on the size of the grill, you may have to adjust it to fit over the opening. For this project it was necessary to remove a couple of grill sections for it to fit.



GOOD TO KNOW: Cut the braai grill to fit is easy with a multifunction tool and cutting blade.

Fill  up your new braai with charcoal or wood, start up the fire and enjoy a braai with family or friends.



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