Recycle Aluminium Cans and Lids into Wind Spinner

Aluminium cans are something used every day in most households, so it's nice to find a way to recycle these at home rather than toss them into the dustbin. Why not make a wind spinner using cans and lids?


Aluminium cans are something that many of us use on a daily basis, whether it's cold drink cans or food cans. The above image, for which I was unable to find a source, inspired me to put together a collection of ideas for using aluminium cans and can lids to make a wind spinner.







What is a Wind Spinner?

What is a wind spinner you might ask? A wind spinner is a decorative accessory that you can hang or place outdoors. Similar to a children's windmill, a wind spinner spins in the garden when blown by gentle winds. The more colourful and artistic a wind spinner, the more it becomes an eye-catching feature. - 84301824252686252/?nic_v1=1ayZlewa7Uw4SAFpSW%2F%2Fn7iR7bQV%2FNBpbzflXa67qPJYMObAZNQqPLG2aqmjBc8Hnf


How to Make a Wind Spinner

The most essential part of any DIY wind spinner is a central axis or spindle around which your design can spin. Old wheels for the kid's toy cars, widget spinner, an axis from a bicycle, or cotton bobbins are just a few of the everyday items that can be used to form the axis for the wind spinner. The outer decorative section of the wind spinner can be made using recycled aluminium cans and lids, either as is or cut into specific shapes depending on the design you create. - 248683210654610664/?nic_v1=1aA%2BC1jH%2FNEqUlaQ8DDEarEvJp61VoPpqRwJp8CpeRQRiulrbp5a53X8XPnJFS%2FpME


The easiest and most effective method for joining all the pieces together to form a wind spinner is with thin wire and / or quick-set epoxy glue. For the advanced DIY enthusiasts, you could also look at using a pop riveter or aluminium soldering. But for those who prefer to keep it simple, epoxy glue works just as well. - 544583779937485954/?nic_v1=1az7xc%2Bb%2BQeZn%2F4HF9HVl6Naj2EheDpqeVEmaTQ2F6Vp2VAiHaPO2wlz0C9cfzSR5d


Adding decorative detail to a Wind Spinner

Once you have set your mind on a design for the wind spinner, the finishing details are all up to you. There are homemade wind spinners that are left in their original state, there are wind spinners that are sanded to let the aluminium shine through, and there are also ways to paint the wind spinner using spray paint.




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The amount of detailing for your wind spinner depends on how much time to you want to put into the project. The more time you are prepared to devote to cutting out aluminium shapes, curling and shaping wire, etc., is a matter of personal preference. - 395683517245166948/?nic_v1=1aF9bXlE53EihUHgs%2FU2QuTzhuBqmU7P981i9jbEVAa4t9fzR2MnaI9IFYWyQt23vf - 731131320745191817/?nic_v1=1aB8qvmFNI3k88%2FFY6yDQXAnbX759yo8qT5SAiQPhS5GiS0KRVOm8DQ5C0igMzdvWm



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