Make baskets with chicken wire

A bundle of chicken wire and you can go crazy with storage containers for a home that cost practically nothing. All you need is some wire, or an old lampshade frame and a pair of pliers. You can buy chicken wire by the metre in the garden section of your local Builders Warehouse.

Looking for Valentine's gift ideas. These chicken wire heart-shaped baskets can be used for storing a wide range of accessories. Make them in different sizes and fill with bathtime treats, freshly baked cookies, or candies.



Making your own storage baskets using chicken wire won't cost you a fortune, and a metre of chicken wire goes a long way. Repurpose an old lampshade, recycle a plate holder or vegetable rack, or make your own wire frame.

Chicken wire baskets are perfect for storing fresh produce. They allow airflow to circulate and keep root vegetables fresh for longer. Make your own chicken wire baskets using medium-gauge wire that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse and a couple of pieces of pine dowel.

If you want to create a rustic look, use this method for speeding up the rust process to make your chicken wire baskets look like they have been around for ages.

1. Use tin snips or cutting pliers to cut sections to fit the sides and bottom of your lampshade.

2. Twist the ends of the chicken wire around the frame to secure each panel in place.

3. Bend over and wrap the wire around the frame so there are no sharp edges.

4. SSpray with Rust-Oleum 2X satin heirloom white or your choice of colour.

Which came first... the chicken or the egg. In this case the chicken wire basket came first. Keep all your eggs safely in one basket with an old lampshade frame!

Make a gift for someone you love. This chicken wire basket is filled with bottled wildflower honey, but you can recycle glass bottles as containers for homemade cleansers, bath salts or homebaked goodies.

AAlways wear gloves when working with chicken wire. The sharp edges can so easily scratch your hands and arms.