Make Beautiful Roses using Egg Cartons

One of our most popular posts ever was that of recycling egg cartons to make beautiful roses that can be used to embellish decor accessories or be painted to look good on their own.


While the original posts were featured several years ago, people continue to love our article on making beautiful roses using egg cartons. Not only do you recycle egg cartons for this project, but you also end up with roses that can be used to embellish decorative accessories, or to just have a few painted roses on display - at very little cost. Click here for the step-by-step tutorial on making roses using egg cartons.







Over the years, crafters have continued to come up with unique ways to recycle egg cartons into roses and flowers and there are some amazing craft projects on the web on how to make your own egg carton roses or flowers, how to paint them for best effect, and how to decorate a variety of home accessories. - 465278205249828200/?nic_v1=1ajXsgbBN5x5UFaG8ljTWP%2FZHRHzwNmr9Zro6bEg4y1ZKWpY5DIR8zlcJzGmJITKJa

From picture frames to embellishing mirrors, egg carton roses are such an easy craft project, you will probably find even more ways to use them in your home. Once made, you can paint your roses in whites or subtle pastel shades to add a unique homemade finish to your crafted projects. - 95138610852323969/?nic_v1=1aB5EVtLnWG0IW%2Bo%2BSriVRQ7PjyirBo%2FprI7F2NpPyffSwlTSW%2BkmfluXArUOH3QZe



So how do you make egg carton roses?

It's so easy! Start collecting small egg cartons or egg trays that you can use to make your own egg carton roses. Also, ask your family and friends to collect on your behalf. Now all you need are a few supplies and some free time.



Selection of clean egg cartons or tray

Craft scissors


Florist's wire or thin wire

Hot glue gun - 678917712554276635/?nic_v1=1aVUfBQTFcmaTxg0BMoDljyjmg43rd14bIYEtcoyRmhB4RFRuievOfy4SycTd6qcaB








If you wish, paint the egg carton beforehand with craft paint or food colouring to stain. Then cut out individual segments using scissors; these can then be folded and shaped into individual flowers. Click here for more details

When painting your egg carton roses, dip your paintbrush into clean water and then into watered down paint colours. This will give your egg carton roses the faded look shown here.



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