Make Stylish Bags with recycled waste plastic

Find out how to make your own stylish bags using recycled waste plastic - a project you can easily do at home.


The stylish handbag shown on this page is made entirely of plarn - recycled plastic waste turned into a useable yarn. The bags are crocheted using this plarn and then sold up upwards of US$200 each. The company that manufactures these bags also has a couple of videos that show you how easy it is to make your own plarn using everyday plastic grocery bags, and we have included links to these videos below.



In the first video below you will find out how to make plarn using plastic bags, while the second video shows how to make your own twine or cord using plastic grocery bags.



Use plastic bags make Plarn

Watch the video below to see how to make your own plarn and then to use this to crochet your own bags. All you need for this project is a lot of clean, dry plastic grocery bags - about 100 in total for an average size bag. Obviously for this video all the bags are the same colour.



Use plastic bags make Plarn Twine or Plarn Cord

Bet you didn't know that you can use all your accumulated plastic grocery bags to make a cord or twine that can then be crafted in various ways. To make your own plastic cord or twine you only require minimal tools and it is quick and easy to set up the process at home.




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