Old headboards become day beds

What to do with a pair of headboards picked up at a bargain price? These solid Imbuia headboards are to valuable to ignore and it's amazing to see what can actually be done with a pair of old headboards.



Other than a worn finish, which could be remedied with paint or stain, these headboards are in perfect condition. It was the panel design that gave this find added value. Rather than use the headboards as they were intended, the project visualised them as end supports for a custom-made daybed that would be perfect for a guest room or den.



Propped up against a garage door, the twin headboards were begging to be saved and all it would take is some serious sanding and a fresh coat of paint. But why stop there? The fun of any makeover is giving something a brand-new look - and new life!

Various accessories were used in this project and you will obviously need to buy for whatever furniture you have in mind. Items to consider would be fabric and embellishments, paint and possibly some lengths of decorative trim.

Using 3mm masonite, thin foam, batting and fabric, the panels were assembled for both sides of the daybed. After assembly and painting, No More Nails adhesive made it quick and easy to affix the panels to the headboards.

It will only take a couple of hours to construct the framing for the daybed using PAR pine and a chipboard base for the mattress. Adding decorative routing along the top (use a Dremel Trio or Router) and bottom of the rails gave the bed a more finished look. Once the assembly is finished - and before attaching the fabric panels - painting begins.

This glaze paint effect would be perfect for this style of furniture. Alternatively, sand down and apply stain/seal or paint with acrylic satin or gloss in your choice of colour.