Recycled lamp bulb vases

To help preserve the environment, we can equip our homes with energy-saving light bulbs. Here is an opportunity to recycle old light bulbs into trendy hanging vases. These airy glass spheres can be poetically transformed in a thousand and one ways...



Important: Before you start this project make sure that you have all the safety gear on. You will need to wear safety goggles and thick gloves, as you will be working with glass and metal.

1. Saw off the bottom of the light bulb screw base using a hacksaw, turning the light bulb evenly. Bulbs with a bayonet base can also be used - in this case, saw off the bottom of the base along the apparent line.



2. Once the base has been cut, insert a thin screwdriver and break the protruding tip of the glass mount, or stem, that holds the filament (be sure to protect your eyes).

3. Using a bigger screwdriver, insert it into the glass socket, and give a quick, hard tap to break off the remainder of the mount. Using a rounded file, enlarge the hole and remove the filament. Your light bulb is now empty.

4. To make a hanging vase, use a gimlet or hole punch to pierce a hole on either side of the light bulb base. Aluminum is very easy to pierce. With a thin piece of wire, create a hanger. Pour in a little water and place a flower in its new home.

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