Quick and easy DIY kitty tent

This kitty tent is made using an old (or new) t-shirt, a couple of coat hangers and a few inexpensive supplies. You can make in an hour tops and use colourful or printed t-shirts for a custom kitty tent design.



I found this project on instructables and thought my cat would love this kitty tent. Plus, all you need is a large t-shirt, a couple of metal coat hangers, a piece of cardboard and some masking tape - all of which are inexpensive if you don't already have them at home.


 Large t-shirt

Piece of cardboard 30 x 30 centimetres

Wire coat hangers [2]

Masking or duct tape

Safety pins [6]

Cutting and needle-nose pliers




1. Cut off the ends of the coat hangers and bend them to shape. You want two equally curved sections to support the tent.

2. Apply duct or masking tape around the edges of the piece of cardboard to give it strength. I think that duct tape is the better option.

3. Use masking or duct tape to join together the two wire sections at the centre.

4. Make a hole at each corner of the cardboard - approximately 1 centimetre in from the edges.

5. Push the ends of the wire frame through the holes, leaving just enough wire underneath to fold under and secure in place with duct or masking tape.

Before fitting the t-shirt you have the option to add a layer of batting and cover the cardboard with fabric.

6. Carefully cover the frame with the t-shirt. You obviously want to make sure that the entrance hole (neck) is nicely placed for easy access for your cat.

7. Secure any excess fabric, including the sleeves, to the underside of the cardboard.


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