Fun bowl made with plastic figurines

This fun bowl is a crafty way to re-purpose plastic figurines that are no longer played with, or of any value, and turn them into a decorative bowl.




After making a figurine lamp using a few broken action figures, here's another way to re-purpose old toys in new ways - to make a fun bowl.  








Stainless steel bowl

Dremel VersaTip or VersaFlame (or heat gun used with care)

Plastic figurines

You will also need oven gloves or a tea towel







Because plastic gives off toxic fumes do this project outdoors.





1. Arrange the plastic figurines around the bottom of the bowl with the bases touching each other. This will form the foundation for the bowl, so it is important to have as much solid plastic against plastic.





2. Remove the tip from the VersaTip to apply heat to the section where the figurines join together. Only apply a quick touch of heat to meld the figurines together. Don't get too close or the figurines will burn and melt




The bowl will get very hot so use oven gloves when rotating the bowl around.



3. Add more figurines up around the sides of the bowl and continue to melt the join the figurines to finish off the bowl.







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