Quick Project: Use old CDs to make unique Wall Art

If you still have some old CDs lying around that you don't use anymore, here are some great ways to turn them into unique and interesting wall art.



I still have plenty of old CDs packed away that I no longer use, and I was looking for ideas on what I could use these old CDs for. One crafty way to put old CDs to good use is to make your own unique wall art. You only need a few other accessories to make any one of the designs shown on this page and you can make your own wall art for very little cost.





The three projects shown above and below are easy wall art ideas that you can do in a day - and are a great way to reuse any old CDs you have lying around. If you don't like the finished design shown here, you can easily modify them into your own personal designs. 



We also collected some other pretty wall art ideas that use old CDs that will inspire you in ways that you can reuse and repurpose any old CDs that you have lying around.

Iridescent Mirror Frame

Don't you love how you can add broken pieces of CDs to create a beautiful, iridescent frame around a mirror?

https://pinterest.com - 489555421994311383/

Place your CDs inside a towel and smash to pieces with a hammer. The towel will prevent fragments from going all over the place. Use acrylic craft glue or No More Nails adhesive to glue the CD fragments around the frame - as easy as that!





Animal Sculptures

For the more artistic, what about using old CDs to create animal sculptures?

https://pinterest.com - 344736546477075785/

While these may take a bit of time to finish, when they are hung outdoors in the garden they reflect light and provide an interesting feature.

Shimmering Mosaic Platter

Here's an easy way to add some sparkle to your table settings.


Take an old bowl or platter and cover this with broken mosaic pieces. Use a gel glue to affix the mosaic to the bowl. Once the pieces are in place, apply a flexible grout to fill in the gaps. Apply 3 to 4 coats of ModPodge or resin to seal the finish.

CD Mosaic Tabletop

Now here's something different, and one that I might try for myself to see how it looks once finished... use old CDs to mosaic a tabletop.

https://pinterest.com - 383861568228693619/

https://pinterest.com - 129619295504929585/





Window Art or Mobiles

You can use a variety of painting methods to turn old CDs into a wonderful display.

https://pinterest.com - 624030092088874601/

Remove the foil from CDs to have a transparent background onto which you can paint your designs, or use plastic paint to embellish your CDs. Drill a hole and add a hanger to make an interesting mobile or hanging display, or place in front of a window.

https://pinterest.com - 511369732683876965/



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