Turning one man's junk into treasured pieces

With so much emphasis being placed on recycling and repurposing old stuff into practical piece, what some may throw away as junk might be just what you are looking for! Turning one man's junk into treasured pieces for a home is fun and you get to create one-of-a-kind decor to boot.



A piece of scrap reclaimed timber, a couple of handles, and you can so easily make yourself a bathtub tray. Relax in a hot bubble bath and have everything you need at your fingertips. This bathtub tray even has a slot for your wine glass!

Scrap timber can be repurposed into so many practical accessories for a home. Add a rustic touch to your bathroom with a couple of pieces of reclaimed timber and a vintage handle for a unique towel hanger.




An old tin box is filled with a colourful arrangement of succulents for a decorative display that would look good indoors or outdoors.


Turn an old chest or trunk into a coffee table and have plenty of additional space for storage as well. You can leave the chest as is for a rustic touch, sand and paint - or limewash - for a shabby chic look, or sand and paint with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint for a quirky feature.


Whether browsing junk yards or secondhand stores keep an open mind. What might be considered nothing more than trash can so easily become a talking piece in your home.


Estate auction sales are a wonderful way to pick up vintage or reproduction pieces that can be used in other ways. A display case is transformed into a wonderful kitchen storage cabinet.


Put on your thinking cap and look at junk in new ways. Stores like Builders Warehouse offer a wide range of accessories that can easily transform useless junk into pieces that can be put to good use. An old cabinet is given a tin top with thin sheet metal, and castor wheels create a mobile drinks trolley or bar.

Reclaimed timber has a patina of age that is hard to reproduce and that adds texture and warmth to a home. Even a small scrap can be repurposed into something useful.

IIt's amazing what you can find on Etsy! A vintage reel-to-reel film projector is turned into a table lamp that is sure to be a piece that catches the eye.


Who would have thought that an old caravan could be turned into a beautiful wendy house or playroom.


Bicycles, wheelbarrows, wheels and gears are a way to add interest to a plain garden. Give them a coat of paint and plant up colourful arrangements to make an attractive and eye-catching feature.



Vintage sewing machine tables or stands are fairly easy to come by if you like to browse secondhand stores. These can be repurposed into tables, desks, or even a kitchen island.



Old suitcases painted and turned into decorative pieces certainly make for good conversation. We have seen suitcases turned into stools, but what about turning an old suitcase into a table!


A landmark you see across the South African landscape.. a windmill blade is repurposed into a dramatic wall feature.