Christmas Craft: Recycle Wooden Coat Hangers into Christmas Stars

With the trend for recycling, what better way to put this into action that to make your Christmas decor using items you already have in the home.




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Hang these wooden Christmas stars in your home to add a festive flair for the holiday season.



Decorate your home for the holidays with this craft Christmas star. Each star is made using wooden coat hangers and you don't need to destroy these to make the project and can put them back into use again if you need them. You will also need a few other materials to make these Christmas stars.





Wooden coat hangers, same design

String or embroidery thread, red

LED battery operated fairy lights

Red ribbon








Step 1

The coat hangers for this project need to be of the same design and shape or this will not work well for the project and your stars will not be symmetrical. If they are different types of wood (lighter or darker), you can disguise this by painting the stars with a spray paint in your choice of colour.



Step 2

Using the image below as a reference, use sellotape to secure three coat hangers together. The shape resembles a pyramid with the hooks all together at the top. Repeat this process for the other half of the star shape.





Step 3

Once you have joined the three coat hangers as advised, you will not tie these securely in position with coloured string or thread. We used a bright red to add some Christmas flair. Wrap the string or thread around the hangers at the top and then tie off with a knot. Also tie the ends of the coat hangers together where you wrapped them with sellotape.





Step 4

Now it is time to join to two star shapes together to create the complete star. Since both sides are identical it will be easy to join these together.





Use sellotape and string or thread to join the two star shapes together. Use string or thread where the hangers intersect at points between the two shapes.











Step 5

To add the LED fairy lights it is better to use battery operated. You can hide the battery pack behind one of the sections. Use sellotape to secure the fairy light wires around the shape.


Step 6

Cut a length of red ribbon long enough to be able to hang the Christmas stars.







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