Amazing ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle

Here are just a few ideas that I have stumbled upon on the Internet. So many ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle everyday household waste in crafty and unique ways. Makes you want to stop and think before you throw something away!


Repurpose aluminium cans into a practical storage unit. Each can contains a heavy card insert with a 6mm supawood top that allows you to open and close the individual storage containers.

Always interesting to see how people use aluminium cans for practical storage. Here the cans have been paint dipped in pastel shades.

Aluminium cans can be repurposed in so many ways. Love this one that uses aluminium cans with the original labels attached as storage for kitchen utensils.

Absolutely fabulous... thanks Visi magazine. With so many potholes around the country, makes sense to put old tyres to good use. This idea for using tyres as seating is great. I would, however, recommend this for outdoor seating only, as tyres always 'gas off' harmful toxins.



If you have clothing dry-cleaned on a regular basis, you are either left with plenty of wire or wood hangers. Here's a great way to reuse those hangers to make attractive hanging storage for a bathroom or bedroom.

As the number one harmful waste product, any project that repurposes plastic containers is a good one. Love this idea for making cars, trucks and boats for kids to play with.

After a plumbing installation there is always PVC pipe offcuts left over. A great way to put these to good use is to use them for storing your hair treatment accessories.

Scraps of carpet were used to create this wonderful flooring feature. Designed as a sustainability project using carpet offcuts, this organic carpet uses nothing more than scraps of wool carpeting.

Still wondering how to repurpose all that old crockery you have lying around?