Make an ottoman from a tyre and rope

This project has been round the block a few times but the end results are definitely improving. When I first saw this tyre wrapped with rope to make an ottoman, it definitely didn't look as good as some of the finished projects below...

You have to use an old tyre for this project, as a new tyre 'gasses off' too much and will end up smelling out your home, not to mention the toxic fumes floating around. An old tyre will have already released it's gases and be much safer for indoor use.






You need an old tyre, plywood, bisonbord or supawood cut to fit the top and, a drill/driver plus assorted bits and a countersink bit, glue gun and glue sticks, 3.5 x 35mm screws, a pair or scissors and of course, thick rope. You'll also need feet or legs if you are adding these to make a table.

After cutting the board to fit onto the top and bottom of the tyre, drill pilot holes, countersink and screw the boards onto the top and bottom of the tyre.

Starting at the centre of the board, glue down one end of the rope, making sure to secure all the bits so that it looks neat and is firmly fixed.

Working out from the centre, glue the rope down as you create a ring out from the centre to the side. Don't be stingy with the hot glue, apply enough as you work so that the rope is well secured onto the board and won't come loose later on.

Continue to wrap all the way down the sides of the tyre. If your rope isn't long enough, glue down the end at an angle and then glue the new piece of the top to hide.

Optional: For added protection, coat the entire ottoman with a water-based, clear sealer. This will also make it easier to keep clean.

If you want to make a table for this project, cut legs to fit onto the base board and attach these with blocks and steel corner braces.