Re-Purpose Old Woollens and Socks

Here are some fun ideas for re-purposing woollens and socks.



Here are some fun ideas for re-purposing woollens and socks. I know I always end up with more than a few mismatched socks and kids very quickly grow out of their winter woollies. Rather than throw these away, try your hand at one or two of these fun projects.



Hobby horses are a great way to put old socks and woollens to use. All you need to make a hobby horse is a 25mm diameter pine dowel, an old sock or sleeve from a jersey, some stuffing and a few embellishments.



To be honest, some of these old socks craft ideas are so cute I would probably go out and buy a pair of sock just to them one!



An old pair of thick woolly socks or sleeve from a knitted jersey or cardigan and you can make cute stuffed toys.











I'm sure you have all seen the many snowmen made using old socks, and there are even more cute ideas. Olaf, that adorable snowman from Frozen is made using a single sock stuffed with batting and tied around to create the sections. Embellish with felt.



You can even repurpose old socks and jerseys as fashion accessories. Keep your hands warm with a pair of sock gloves, or dress up a pair or boots with boot cuffs made from a couple of sleeves off an old winter woolly. Just remember to sew off the edges to prevent the stitches unravelling!





Keep your hands free with a sock or jersey sleeve cuff for your cellphone or ipod.



Think of ways to repurpose socks into entertainment for the kids. They can even make their own projects. This fishing game (below) has a magnet placed in each sock and on the 'hook' end.





Who would have thought that you can even repurpose old socks as decorative covers for flower pots.