Gilders Paste is Great for Furniture

Gilders paste is a mixture of wax and metallic or organic pigments that can be applied to metal, wood, glass, ceramics, leather, and more.






I have been using gilders paste for projects for over 20 years and still find ways to use this versatile product on a variety of finishes, particularly when making furniture, giving furniture a makeover, or upcycling decorative accessories. Gilders paste is a permanent finish that comes in a wide variety of metallic and organic elements that can be applied to almost any surface. Once applied and buffed to a sheen, gilders paste is permanent and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use because of its wax base.






How to Apply Gilders Paste

A wax paste that contains metallic or organic elements, gilders paste is easily applied to a variety of surfaces using a finger, sponge applicator, stencilling brush, or soft cloth. The paste is applied lightly over distressed details or architectural features to leave a permanent finish on the surface. This finish can immediately be buffed with a soft cloth and leaves a satin finish of your choice.





You can use gilders paste to highlight detailing on furniture or accessories, or you can use it to bring an aged patina to renovated, restored, or upcycled projects.









The paste dries when exposed to air and can be lightly buffed immediately after that or left overnight if you want to do some intensive buffing to bring out more detail.  If you prefer a matt finish, simply leave after application. Always ensure the gilders paste is capped tightly when not in use and use mineral turpentine to keep soft or when using a paintbrush to apply. 





The most popular gilders paste colours used for highlighting or distressing are Patina, Inca Gold, Black and Silver.





You can find online suppliers of gilders paste by searching for 'gilders paste' or 'gilding wax'



When applying gilders paste to a project, you get to decide how much gilding effect you want. The more you add the more visible the effect and the buffing afterwards can be left matt or satin, or heavily buffed to a glimmering shine.





It isn't easy to add metallic effects to painted furniture and that is when gilders paste comes in very handy. Using your finger or a cloth, you can apply gilders paste to areas on painted furniture that you want to stand out, like on this upcycled bathroom vanity above and below.









Dry brushed finish over which a patina gilders paste is applied and buffed to a satin sheen on this vintage piece of furniture.





Finishing with rich gold gilders paste highlights the intricate detailing on antique or vintage pieces being restored or upcycled.










Gilders paste is not only great for use on furniture, but you can also use it on decorative pieces. And it doesn't have to be vintage or antique but perhaps a plastic frame that needs some pizzazz or added glam. Brush the gilding paste lightly over detailed areas for best effect. Gold, silver, or bronze are popular metallics that are used for finishing a variety of pieces.







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