Our favourite sunburst mirror ideas

Over the past couple of years I have seen hundreds of ideas for sunburst mirrors and they continue to pop up. When you look at how much it costs to buy a sunburst mirror, looking a inexpensive ways to make your own is the way to go.


Sunburst mirror with steel rulers

While this design might be a tad on the expensive side, this industrial style sunburst mirror is made by fastening steel rulers onto a piece of 6mm SupaWood. If you can pick up steel rulers at a good price - this is definitely a one-of-a-kind decor accessory that looks stunning.


Sunburst mirror with pencils

I have seen sunburst mirrors before that are made with pencils, but this one definitely tops the list. Additional mosaic trim has been added around the inner and outer circles in a colour that matches the pencils.

Sunburst mirror with beads

If you're crafty with beads, this aqua sunburst mirror is a must-have accessory to make for a home. You can choose beads in any colour.




Sunburst mirror with driftwood

Beachcombers will love this sunburst mirror made from pieces of driftwood glued onto a backing board.

Sunburst mirror with offcuts

Whether you have offcuts or order half a sheet of 3mm SupaWood cut into small pieces, this ombre sunburst mirror is probably the easiest one to make.


Here's another sunburst mirror you can make using offcuts of having 3mm SupaWood cut into thin strips. Glued to the back of a mirror, the strips are painted with metallic silver spray paint.


Sunburst mirror with twigs

Take a walk around your local park and start collecting twigs to make this unique sunburst mirror. Finish the sunburst mirror with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in your choice of colour.

Sunburst mirror with skewers

Skewers and thin pine dowels sprayed in metallic gold are glued onto the back of a cut mirror for a dramatic sunburst.


Sunburst mirror with plastic spoons

Always a favourite and a great way to recycle plastic spoons after an event. Plastic spoons are cut and glued onto a backing board before being sprayed with Rust-Oleum 2X in ombre tints.


Sunburst mirror with metallic tape and florist's wire

Haven't seen this before, and it's a very inexpensive way to make a sunburst mirror. Two strips of florist's wire are stuck between metallic tape and then glued to the back of a mirror. The florist's tape allows the 'rays' to be bent into coiled shapes.