Using Dremel Micro to engrave glass Mother's Day gift

Coming up with ideas for Mother's Day is a good excuse to take out my Dremel Micro to engrave on glass and turn a recycled glass food jar into a gift filled with home-baked cookies.





Using recycled glass food jars is a great way to re-purpose food jars and a fun way to create a unique gift - made with love for Mother's Day. You can choose to use the Dremel Micro, or check out the full range of Dremel Multitools online.






Dremel Micro or Dremel Multitool

Grinding stone #83322

Glass jar, clean and dry

Printed template

Masking tape or sellotape

Soft towel 

All the materials required for this project are available at your local Builders.






1. Print out the template and secure on the inside of the jar with masking tape or sellotape.





2. Place the jar on a soft towel to prevent it from moving around as you work. Hold the tool comfortably and move the jar around to outline the letters. The first pass doesn't need to be perfectly - only give you an outline that can then be filled in with more detail.





3. It is easier to remove the template to continue adding detail and neaten up the lettering.





Make up a batch of home-baked cookies - you will find recipes in our Cooking section - add some colourful tissue paper and pop these into the jar. Now you can add your own personal embellishments.







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