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I scoured the Internet looking for the best soup recipes I could find.





Want to serve something a little different this Christmas?

Christmas dinners and lunches have always sat a little uncomfortably in the South African summer and good option better suited to the South African summer is to make this year’s Christmas a Mediterranean-inspired one.

Top 8 Apps For People Who Want To Learn To Cook At Home For Healthy Lifestyle

Read to learn more about the top 10 apps that will help you pursue healthy cooking for a healthy lifestyle.

Recipes for Warm Drinks for Chilly Evenings

Temperatures might be warming up during the day but these warm drinks are for those chilly evenings that you want to spend outdoors.

How to Incorporate Local Foods into a Wedding Menu

In this article, we explore South Africa's most popular wedding dishes and how to encorporate them into your wedding menu.

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Local is still lekker with Mzansi's latest food trends

What’s next in trending foods for South Africa? We spoke to the chefs from Radisson Hotel Group and here’s what they had to say.

Awara-Style Chicken Tikka over Coals

Awara has adapted a recipe so that you can make this delicious dish over the coals at home (or under the grill if you don’t have a braai)!

A Sweet and Savoury Cheesecake for your Next Braai

The braai is one of our oldest and dearest traditions and this sweet and savoury cheesecake is the perfect accompaniment.

Spring into the New Season with Good Food and Fresh Zest

Finally, we can start awakening to warmer temperatures, enjoy the most beautiful sunrises, and gentle evening breezes as well as some of the freshest, seasonal ingredients.


Sweet Indulgence with Lancewood Double-Cream Yoghurt

I have featured several recipes that use Lancewood products and the new selection of double cream yoghurt is perfect for when you have those sweet cravings.

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How to Cook Chocolate Cake in an Air Fryer

You can cook almost anything in an air fryer and it is economical and fast so try this Lancewood recipe for a rich, decadent chocolate cake cooked in your air fryer.

Wonderful Winter Recipes To Melt The Soul

Grace Stevens, award-winning TV chef, confectionery connoisseur, and winter-loving human shares some of her much-loved winter flavours and traditions to warm up your homes and soothe your soul.

Using Seasonal Vegetables to add Comfort to your Menu this Winter

When the cold hits, so do our cravings for comfort foods - rich, heated, filling dishes that leave us feeling as if we’d just had a warm embrace from a loving grandmother.

Healthy Eating is a Global Driver

People are becoming more and more concerned about overall well being, weight control, energy levels etc. and interest in healthy foods that provide protective nutrients, is growing.

Portabella Steak and Kidney Bean Pie

What could be tastier on a cold winter's eve than a rich and delicious steak and kidney bean pie.

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Herb and Leek Frittata

Treat your friends and family to this Herb and Leek Frittata with Smoked Trout or Salmon, sour cream and avocado served with Spier The Yellowwood Organic Rosé

Grace Stevens shares her special moments for Mother’s Day

Award-winning chef, Grace Stevens shares with us some memorable and delicious ways to celebrate Mother's Day.

30-Minute Easter Treats

If you urgently need to make Easter treats for unexpected guests, then these Chocolate Nests will fit the bill, or what about these decadent Chocolate Truffles.

Seared Beef Steak with Layered Potato and Green Peppercorn Sauce

Delectable seared beef steak with layered potato and green peppercorn sauce recipe for you to wow your guests in your very own home.

Grace Stevens Shares her Recipe for Sticky Hot Cross Buns

Here is an Easter favourite that everyone will love and these Sticky Hot Cross Buns are a great way to get the kids involved in baking for Easter.

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This Easter is Going to Bee Extra Special

Grace Stevens shares her top tips to ensure your Easter is quite literally buzzing with delicious food and happy family time.

Best Cuts of Steak: Denver, Ribeye, Sirloin, and More

In this article, we explore the most popular cuts of steak and discuss what makes each one so special.

Try this Easy Recipe for Mosbolletjie Bread

For anyone who has never eaten mosbolletjie bread, you will love this recipe that shows how to make this truly South Africa bread.

Valentine’s Day - The Sweetest Love

From the romance of first encounters accompanied by silky chocolate to the delight of love in our families, perhaps the most valuable love of all is love for oneself.

Learn How to Cook or Bake

Learning how to cook for yourself is like any craft or hobby, you have to start somewhere, so let's begin.

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These Strawberry Cookies are sure to be a Crowd Pleaser

Looking for a quick treat that family and friends will love then try these strawberry cookies?

Bake Sugar Cookies for Christmas

With their colourful icing decoration, sugar cookies are fun to bake and easy to decorate and is a great family project that the kids will love.

You will Crave this Quick and Flavourful Weekday Meal

Looking for something quick and flavourful for a weekday meal - you will love this recipe for a roast beef open sandwich with caramelised onion, a dash of wholegrain mustard and crispy pickles

Succulent Summer – Tips for Piping Scrumptious Succulents

This modern arid aesthetic is so hot in the icing and gardening worlds, turning our regular cupcakes into the perfect prickly treat for our next picnic.

Honey, Soy, Ginger-Glazed Salmon

Try this recipe for honey, soy and ginger-glazed salmon with peanuts and pak choy.

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Budget Decorating Ideas For Easter

Easter 2020 wasn't a memorable one for many and this year celebrating Easter might be just as tough, but we put together some budget-friendly ideas for decorating a home for Easter.

Falafel Salad Bowl With Herbed Yoghurt Dressing

Try this vegetarian feast packed with flavour and texture- it's the perfect dish for lunch.

Roasted Pork Open Sandwiches

Recipe for delicious roasted pork open sandwiches with rocket, horseradish cream and pickled red onion.

Chardonnay/Pinot Noir Granita

This summer, celebrate with bottle or Spier Signature Chardonnay or Pinot Noir granita.

Fruity Booze Skewers

What's summer without a braai and what's a braai without a dop or two, and you can make it even more appetizing and tasty with these fruit boozy skewers.

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Whip Up Your Weekend - 10 Tips to Make Weekend Baking a Breeze

We offer 10 tips to make weekend baking a breeze for you and your family.

A New Twist – Spier’s Cape Malay Chicken Curry Roulade

Spier shares the secret behind its contemporary Cape Malay chicken curry roulade.

Eggs Benedict and Hollandaise sauce

Give your breakfasts a new twist with this Eggs Benedict and Hollandaise sauce recipe from Chef Tharwat Londt.

Executive Chef Tharwa Londt Shares His Cape Malay Chicken Curry Recipe

There are still some chilly days ahead and Executive Chef Tharwa Londt shares his Cape Malay Chicken Curry recipe.

Cleaning and Maintaining a Gas Grill

If you are thinking of buying a gas grill for your outdoor entertainment area or patio, it's a great way to feed the family and friends.

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Just a Few Surprising Things you can Make With A Blender

A kitchen blender is a multi-purpose appliance that you can to whip up a variety of savoury and sweet dishes.

What to Cook on Your Blaze Griddle

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned griller, you will be able to make the most delicious meals on your Blaze griddle.

Steps on How to Identify Edible Mushrooms

There are edible mushrooms that look like poisonous ones and you should take extra care to identify mushrooms correctly.

Mother's Day with Lanzerac

This Mother's Day you don't have to leave your home to have a beautifully packaged gourmet meal delivered fresh to your Mother or for the family.

Chicken Pineapple Sweet Chilli Wrap recipe

Beat the culinary boredom by trying Executive Chef Tharwat Londt’s Chicken Pineapple Sweet Chilli Wrap recipe

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Shaken or Stirred or Dirty?

Hope Distillery has created a step-by-step guide to making your own Dirty Martini at home.

Bake Today a Cupcake Revival Day!

Spoil yourself or your family with one of these decadent, delicious cupcake recipes and put a smile on everyone's face.

Cook the Perfect Steak every time

For those wanting to master the art of preparing the perfect steak, Hussar's Grill shares their expert tips.

Hope Vodka Bloody Mary Cocktail

When you've had a hard day - or a hard weekend - sit back and chill with a refreshing Bloody Mary cocktail - just the cure for a weekend hangover!

Easy Coffee Recipes You Can Make At Home

Try out these quick and easy coffee recipes that you can make at home.

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How to use Flowers for more than a Floral Arrangement

If you love fresh flowers, you will love these ideas for using fresh petals and leaves for more than just floral arrangements.

The Ultimate Guide to Dairy-Free Baking

Dairy-free baking is an absolute breeze as long as you know which guidelines to follow.

BBQ 101: The Basics on How to Do a Proper Barbecue

Before you can truly achieve barbeque perfection, you first need to learn the basics.

A sweet and tangy salad seduces the taste buds

The Hussar Grill’s deliciously sweet and tangy Pear, Blue Cheese and Walnut Salad sets a sophisticated tone this summer.

Edible Gifts: Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread men are a great way for the family to get together to make edible gifts for family and friends, and everyone can have fun baking and decorating!

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Backyard Essentials for Barbecue Lovers

Sometimes all you need is a friendly gathering with the closest people to you and a great barbeque party.

Pan-fried asparagus and Parma ham with hollandaise

Pan-fried, Parma ham-wrapped asparagus spears are ideal for a cocktail party, lunch or dinner.

Tips To Grilling Any Meat Perfectly

You can whip up the best dishes over the grill at any weather – and it’s not only fun to grill outdoors but it’s also healthy.

Spier's Vegan Certification is First in the World

As summer arrives on South African shores, what better way to relax than with a glass of wine from one of the award-winning Spier ranges.

Strawberry, Watermelon and Basil Gin Slushy

Summer is all about cocktails – and our spirit of choice is gin, the one to rule ’em all!

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Hussar Grill Birthday Special!

South Africa’s most prestigious grill room turns 55 - celebrate with The Hussar Grill’s irresistible Birthday Special Offer!

Lekker Lamb and Apricot Sosaties

Celebrate Braai month and Heritage Day with some lekker sosaties courtesy of My Kitchen magazine.

The Ultimate Guide to a DIY Custom Birthday Party

Add some flavour to your outdoor cooking and meals with these flavoured butters.

The Ultimate Guide to a DIY Custom Birthday Party

Are you tired of having the same old birthday party? Well, there is good news for you because you can now throw your very own, personalized celebration!

7 Backyard Barbecue Party Tips

Find helpful tips on how to plan your BBQ backyard party.

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Pork and Fennel Meatballs with Tomato Sauce

This recipe is a welcome update on your regular beef meatball recipe. Serve these hearty nuggets with pasta, mashed potato or crusty bread. They pair wonderfully with Spier’s new Seaward Shiraz.

Vadas Bakery Winter Special!

Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery situated on the beautiful Spier Wine Farm will run their Winter Special until 30 August.

Cape Malay-style Prawn Curry

This simple, fragrant prawn dish is slightly sweet and deliciously mild (add a dash of chilli powder if you like yours hotter).

Mushroom Pasta

Paul Nash, Head Chef at The Conservatory at The Cellars-Hohenort shares his favourite Winter Recipe: Mushroom Pasta.

Seafood Soup with Rouille and Croutons

The delectable combination of fish and fragrant spices make it a most impressive starter – or even the star of the show.

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Healthy Yoghurt Snacks for Easter

Easter can be a trying time for parents, especially when kids want to overdose on chocolate. Try these healthy yoghurt snacks for an Easter treat.

Enjoy the last days of summer with Red Berry Sundaes

Enjoy the last days of summer with an indulgent treat that's easy to prepare and perfect for after-dinner events on the patio.

Easter Feast with AGA

This Easter enjoy a superb roast, with potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding, courtesy of AGA.

Classic Béarnaise Sauce

Mention the words “Béarnaise Sauce” and most food-lovers will collapse into fantasies of a creamy, buttery emulsion, tinged with French tarragon and cut through with just a hint of vinegar, melting slowly across the rump of a juicy, perfectly turned steak…

Sizzling sticky hot wings with Spier!

When having friends or family over, you can’t go wrong with presenting a platter full of wings alongside a mouth-watering blue cheese dip!

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Valentine's Day Treats

These Valentine's Day treats not only look good - they taste good too!

Clean Rust from Gas Grill or Braai

Don't let rust eat away components for your gas grill or braai when it's a quick job to remove rust.

The Hussar Grill Pepper Sauce for Steak

The Hussar Grill shares its creamy and rich Pepper Sauce recipe that is guaranteed to pep up a home-cooked steak.

Mint and ginger lemonade

Celebrate the hot weather and longer days with a refreshing lemonade recipe from Jenny Ward, the Head Chef at CHEFS in Gardens, Cape Town.

Festive Meals on the Gas Grill

Get out your braai tools, fire up the gas grill and make one of these delicious meals for the festive season.

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Celebrating Braai Day!

To help you celebrate Braai Day with something different this year, try this recipe for Moroccan Chicken Skewers.

Pizza and red wine, the ultimate combination!

Get cozy this winter with a flavoursome pizza recipe from Spier! There’s no need to venture out to a restaurant in the gripping cold when you can recreate pizza perfection in the comfort of your own kitchen whilst sipping on a glass of your favourite Spier wine.

Mozambique - A tropical paradise on our doorstep

Just a hop, skip and jump across the border, Mozambique is a travel destination that offers sun-drenched beaches, turquoise ocean and beautiful islands that you can visit.

Oh My Goodness! kids meals

World renowned chef Gordon Ramsay and his oldest daughter Matilda have developed a range of delicious and healthy meals for kids.

Don't eat undercooked chicken

When chicken is not fully cooked - even only slightly pink -  your run the risk of a condition known as salmonellosis.

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Easy way to set headspace when preserving

Did you know leaving the correct depth of headspace when preserving is essential. Incorrect headspace can lead to food pushing up on the lid during processing and getting trapped between the glass and the rubber not allowing it to seal.

Make or bake for a budget festive season

When you are working on a teeny-weeny budget for the festive season, making or baking your own gifts and festive fare can save you lots. Here are some simple ideas and inspiration to get you started.

Welcome guests with a Lindor wreath

There’s no better way to welcome guests over the festive season than with this cheerful twist on the traditional Christmas wreath

Chive pesto and scrambled eggs

Try this alternative to boring scrambled eggs. Make a fresh chive pesto and turn ordinary scrambled eggs into a royal feast. The pesto will last for a few days in the fridge.

Back to school with healthy snacks

Would you have enjoyed a lunch box filled with chopped up raw vegetables, a soggy tomato sandwich or perhaps cold leftover cooked green beans or pumpkin from last night’s supper, just because it is good for you?

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Make your own cookie cutters

It can be frustrating when catering for a special event or party and not being able to find nice cookie cutters. During December I made a variety of Christmas cookies - and couldn't find any nice cookie cutters and ended up making my own shapes. Recycled aluminium cans are perfect for making your own cookie cutters.

Gorgeous cupcake bouquets

If you are looking for gift ideas for a BFF or close friend, making a cupcake bouquet is easy if you have a few basic baking and icing skills. Alternatively, you can buy ready made cupcakes and add your own icing to make a cupcake bouquet. Great idea as a party table centrepiece.

Watermelon drinks cooler

Although it doesn't feel like spring in many parts of the country today, this watermelon drinks cooler will definitely come in handy when the temperatures start to soar. It's also a fun way to dress up drinks for a special celebration or party.

Spray on food colouring for cookies and cakes

Add colour and pattern to your cookies and cakes in a convenient spray can with the Colour Mist Spray from Wilton. Spray food colouring is perfect for decorating fondant and sugarpaste, or adding the final touch to a buttercream creation.

How to make royal icing

So you've seen all those gorgeous cupcakes decorated with royal icing, and hundreds of yummie cookie ideas topped off with royal icing, but still don't know the secret to royal icing. Here's how to make the best royal icing...

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How to carve a turkey

Just in time for the festive celebrations, learn how to carve a roast turkey for presentation on your dining table. Below we offer a step-by-step on carving a turkey, as well as a video that demonstrates two ways, one technique for the kitchen and one technique to use at the table.

Some cupcakes are too gorgeous to eat!

Gourmet cupcakes are oh so fashionable at the moment. I have seen my fair share of gorgeous cupcakes, but some cupcakes are just too gorgeous to eat. I recently featured Nicoletta on the Home-Dzine website, and they supply an enormous range of products for designing gourmet cupcakes.

Cake and cupcake decorations

What started as a humble business supplying wedding decor has transformed into a leading name in cake decor. Nicole and Ian, the names behind the Nicoletta brand, place focus on quality and innovation to supply some of the most gorgeous cake decorations on the local market.

Perfect chocolate cake truffles

If you enjoy cooking but quite seem to get it right when it comes to baking - like me - you will really enjoy this simple recipe for chocolate truffles. For these gorgeous chocolate truffles you can use a cake mix, rather than mix up your own and that means it's normally guaranteed to be flop proof!

Make your own cupcake wrappers

It's so easy to make your own cupcake wrappers with scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, and even fabric. Once you have the basic template shape you can put your creative thinking cap on for ways to create and decorate your cupcake wrappers.

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How to make your own buttermilk

Making your own buttermilk is easy and it's such a wonderful way to create a wide selection of recipes. Buttermilk is great for making up batter mixes, puddings and cakes. And once you discover how easy it is to make your own buttermilk, you will be whipping up a storm in the kitchen!

Going vegan one night per week

When you think that the average household consumes around 120 kilograms of meat a year, imagine the difference it would make if everyone consumed a single vegetarian meal per week. It's not only good for the environment - it's good for your health too!

Cupcake wrappers for cupcake couture

I decided to do an article about cupcake liners and wrappings and how you can transform a ho-hum cupcake into a dreamy delicacy fit for any occasion, from birthdays to weddings. And cupcake wrappers are now available in South Africa.

How to cook fresh fish

Intimidated by the head, bones and a perception of complicated rules and techniques many people shy away from cooking fish at home. Follow these few easy steps from Ocean Jewels fish and you’ll forever be spoilt and never again settle for less than super fresh fish cooked to perfection.

Garden fresh herbs every day

These little blocks of goodness are perfect for pasta dishes, to top roasted vegetables, to insert into a roast chicken, season fish, slather meat, throw into smoothies, and add into whatever is your favourite food for the day.

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Hard-boiled facts about eggs

Eggs should be kept refrigerated, whether in the shell, egg mixtures or prepared egg dishes. In fact, eggs should not be left at room temperature for more than 2 hours, and that includes preparation time.

How to store leftovers

If you've have leftover party snacks or large amounts of food from entertaining make sure that you store them correctly.

Coffee that tastes and looks great!

Don't just settle for coffee when you can brew up your own personal coffee blend.

How to cut up a whole chicken

Buying a whole chicken in generally cheaper than buying chicken pieces, plus when you cut up your own whole chicken you can cut it up exactly the way that you want it. Here's how to cut up a whole chicken and save yourself a few Rands.

Cheese platters

A cheese platter needs no occasion, but it is a wonderful addition to any festive gathering. Whether being served as a starter or in the place of a dessert, the secret ingredient is diversity.

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A part of Indian cuisine, a chapati is an unleavened bread that is made using chapati flour, or whole-wheat flour.

Host a Springbok day

Invite friends and family over for a Springbok party when South Africa plays their next game in the tournament. Here are a few fun suggestions to really get your guests into the spirit of things...

Hello Dolly !

Even though they have just as many calories than a slice of cake, you just feel less guilty.  It’s a bite sized indulgence every woman deserves more than once in awhile, so go for the entire experience !

Are your veggies really clean?

Sounds like a simple concept, but is rinsing them in cold water enough to remove pesticides.

Food safety tips

Food safety is a hot topic for those sweltering summer braais, cookouts and picnics. Follow these food safety tips to keep your family and friends free of foodborne disease.

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Oil-free cooking

The new Philips AirFryer is a revolution in home cooking that doesn’t require oil in the cooking process, allowing you to fry a variety of tasty meals which are simple, healthy and fast.

Looking for new packed lunch ideas?

If you're tired of eating peanut butter sandwiches and spending a fortune on lunches, we take a look at some healthy and creative lunch options. Taking the time to prepare and pack a healthy lunch is one of the many ways to trim your budget - and your waistline.

How to handle chicken

With meat becoming more and more a luxury buy, chicken could well be the most affordable food to prepare for your family. However, there are do's and don'ts when it comes to freezing, defrosting, handling and cooking chicken.

Don't throw away the seeds!

Pumpkin seeds can be roasted, boiled, dehydrated and even microwaved. They make a healthy snack or a tasty addition to salads, soups, sautéed vegetables and baked goods.

3 Tips For Hosting A Successful Dinner Party

Dinner parties can be stressful for the host who wants everything to go according to plan. In order not to get too stressed out, and to make sure the evening goes well, here are some useful tips.

Tips on Buying the Best Gas Grill

Here are four tips on purchasing the best gas grills for your entertainment space.

Easy Finger Food Recipes for the Festive Season

Set up a buffet table with an assortment of finger foods that will not only delight your guests but enable them to walk about and mingle with each other for the entire time.

5 Surprising Things To Make With A Blender

Don’t know the multi-purpose use of a blender? Try 5 surprising things you can make with a blender!

Cooking with Wood: What You Need to Know

If you enjoy cooking with wood, this practical guide offers everything you need to know.

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Sweet Tooth


malva pudding with salted caramel sauce

ABOVE: Malva Pudding with salted caramel sauce

turkish delight pavlova

ABOVE: Turkish Delight Pavlova

christmas pudding cupcakes

ABOVE: Christmas Pudding Cupcakes

pineapple upside down cake

ABOVE: Pineapple and Ginger Upside-Down Cake

creme brulee

ABOVE: Creamy, silky textured Crème Brûlée

hazelnut nougat

ABOVE: Make your own Hazelnut Nougat

red velvet trifle

ABOVE: Red velvet trifle

berry pavlova

ABOVE: Festive pavlova with fresh berries

choc chip cookie recipe

ABOVE: Decadent choc chip and peanut butter ice-cream

speckled egg easter cakes

ABOVE: Make your own creme eggs

speckled egg easter cakes

ABOVE: Speckled egg Easter cakes

ABOVE: Easter cookie nests

ABOVE: Selection of Valentine treats

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ABOVE: Christmas cookies

ABOVE: Edible holiday decor

ABOVE: Chocolate mug cakes

ABOVE: Colourful rainbow party desserts and treats

ABOVE: Chocolate ganache hearts

back to top

ABOVE: Heart-filled cupcakes

ABOVE: Homemade chocolate lamingtons

easter bunny cake

ABOVE: Chocolate and Christmas

easter bunny cake

ABOVE: Red velvet ice cream cake

easter bunny cake

ABOVE: Pumpkin cheesecake

back to top

easter bunny cake

ABOVE: Easter bunny cake

ABOVE: Chocolate cups filled with white or dark chocolate mousse

ABOVE: Ideas for Valentine's day treats and gifts

ABOVE: Make a rainbow cake

ABOVE: Valentine's Day cookies

back to top

ABOVE: NYE surprise cookies

ABOVE: Christmas cookies

ABOVE: Chocolate amoretti dessert

ABOVE: Gluten-free mince pies

ABOVE: Christmas pudding muffins

back to top

ABOVE: Cookie cups

ABOVE: Heart cake

ABOVE: Homemade mint creams

ABOVE: Pumpkin pie

ABOVE: Coconut bakewell tart

back to top

ABOVE: Macarons

ABOVE: Jungle theme cupcakes

ABOVE: Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

ABOVE: Cake pops

ABOVE: Mini banana loaves

ABOVE: Home made Oreo biscuits

back to top

ABOVE: No-bake cheesecake

ABOVE: Chocolate chip cookies for your valentine or the kids!

ABOVE: Valentine treats with a soft heart and chocolate coating.

ABOVE: Nutella chocolate fudge

ABOVE: German stollen

back to top

ABOVE: Gingerbread Christmas cookies

ABOVE: Decadent Christmas pudding

ABOVE: 5-minute steamed pudding

ABOVE: Cup cake love - moist and creamy

ABOVE: Melt in your mouth strawberry shortcake.

back to top

ABOVE: Cream Cheese and Chocolate Brownies

ABOVE: Make your own nougat

ABOVE: Deliciously sweet and creamy baked custard

ABOVE: Chocolate and caramel lamingtons

ABOVE: Banana and Peanut Loaf

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ABOVE: Banana, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cupcakes

ABOVE: One-Bowl Chocolate Cake

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Pasta & Pastry Dishes

back to top

chicken and chive pasta

ABOVE: Chicken and Chive Pasta

Baked Ravioli

ABOVE: Low-fat macaroni and cheese

Baked Ravioli

ABOVE: Quiche with goat's cheese

Baked Ravioli

ABOVE: Yeast-free pizza with assorted toppings

Baked Ravioli

ABOVE: Chicken and Cheese Macaroni

Baked Ravioli

ABOVE: Baked Ravioli

'Oh-so-easy' Arrabiata Sauce Cheesy Chicken and Spinach Pasta Decadent Lasagne with Bacon and Parmesan

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Chicken Dishes

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ABOVE: Crispy chicken with lemon and parsley

ABOVE: Sesame chicken

ABOVE: Sweet ginger and garlic stir-fry

ABOVE: Chicken satay with peanut dipping sauce

ABOVE: Chinese chicken salad

back to top

ABOVE: Chicken, mushroom and spinach pie

ABOVE: Cook a perfect roast turkey

ABOVE: Cheesy chicken strips

ABOVE: Beer Butt Chicken

BBQ Chicken Wings

ABOVE: BBQ Chicken Wings

ABOVE: Cure-all Chicken Soup

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Meat Dishes

back to top


braised lamb shanks

ABOVE: Braised Lamb Shank

sirloin with aubergine puree

ABOVE: Sirloin Steak with Aubergine Puree

savoury bobotie

ABOVE: Savoury Bobotie

ABOVE: Pork chops with pineapple and thyme

ABOVE: Grilled sirloin with caramelized onions and cheese topping

ABOVE: Glazed gammon

ABOVE: BBQ pork ribs

ABOVE: Roast pork belly with apple sauce

ABOVE: Lamb sticks with tzatziki

ABOVE: Pork and sweet potato hash

ABOVE: Meatloaf muffins

ABOVE: A selection of potjie recipes

ABOVE: Apple stuffed pork fillets

ABOVE: Moroccan Lamb with Sweet Potatoes

ABOVE: Beef Rissoles with Mash

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Fish Dishes

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salmon or trout salad

ABOVE: Salmon Salad with Ricotta, Fennel and Capers

marinated yellowtail

ABOVE: Asian-style Marinated Yellowtail

honey glazed salmon

ABOVE: Honey, Soy, Ginger-Glazed Salmon

fish tikka masala tacos

ABOVE: Fish Tikka Masala Tacos

seafood pasta

ABOVE: Ocean fresh pasta


ABOVE: Paella with a twist

ABOVE: Grilled trout with baby marrow and herb mayonnaise

ABOVE: Bruschetta with sweet chilli prawns

ABOVE: Bacon Wrapped Fish Bites

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Vegetable & Salad Dishes

back to top

crispy bacon and shredded cabbage salad

ABOVE: Crispy Bacon and Shredded Cabbage Salad

thai style salad

ABOVE: Thai-style Salad

halloumi salad

ABOVE: Halloumi Salad

chefs beetroot

ABOVE: Beetroot and chèvre terrine

ABOVE: Grilled peach salad

ABOVE: Broccoli and cheese quiche

ABOVE: Vegetable fritters

ABOVE: Slow roasted tomatoes

ABOVE: Spiced sweet potato wedges

ABOVE: New Potato Salad

ABOVE: Rosemary and Garlic Potatoes

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creamy chicken soup

ABOVE: Creamy chicken soup

roasted thyme soup

ABOVE: Roasted thyme and sweet potato soup

tomato soup

ABOVE: Warm up with The Hussar Grill’s legendary tomato soup

ABOVE: Winter-style chicken noodle soup

ABOVE: Roasted tomato soup

ABOVE: Butternut and sweet potato soup

ABOVE: Potato soup

ABOVE: Butternut soup

ABOVE: Pea and ham soup

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