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Chocolate cups filled with chocolate mousse

I found this amazing idea for making chocolate cups on Matthew Mead's website. You can fill the chocolate cups with treats or whip up a delectable chocolate mousse with white or dark chocolate. Mmmmmm.... yummy !


You can make these chocolate cups for a special celebration, a baby shower, kitchen tea or wedding. So easy...

Melt one cup of chopped dark chocolate in microwave for 30 seconds on medium setting. Stir and reheat for approx. 30 additional seconds or until smooth.





Blow up washed mini balloons and dip in the melted chocolate. Place on wax paper sheet to harden for about 30 minutes.

Cut balloon, discard, and then fill bowl with chocolate mousse, ice cream or fresh berries. Garnish with shaved or chopped chocolate.

All the preparation is done ahead of time, so you can spend more time chatting to friends and less time stressing out in the kitchen!