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Sprayable food colouring for cookies & cakes

Add colour and pattern to your cookies and cakes in a convenient spray can with the Colour Mist Spray from Wilton. Sprayable food colouring is perfect for decorating fondant and sugarpaste, or or adding the final touch to a buttercream creation. Add sensational colour, and dazzling effects in a range of bright colours, you can even add the finishing touch to an ice cream sundae, with a spray from the Colour Mist.


These gingham cookies would be perfect for any occasion, especially for parties and events such as a kitchen tea, baby shower or engagement party. These delectable gingham cookies were made by glorious treats and decorated with spray food colouring... amazing!


Sugar Cookies
Royal Icing
Spray food colouring






Ice your cookies and allow the cookies to fully dry (overnight). Make a stencil using cardstock paper. I used a craft knife and a ruler and cut strips that were 1cm wide, and at least 2cm longer than the width of the cookie. Make sure you cover your work area fully. I would also suggest covering your mouth and nose with a cloth.

Very lightly spray your chosen color over the entire cookie. Once the first layer of colour has dried (maybe 10 minutes), place your stencil at a diagonal across the cookie. Spray lightly with colour.

Once the first stripes have dried (about 10 minutes), lay your stencil across the opposite diagonal (as shown), and spray your colour. Voila! Gingham patterned cookies!


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