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October is Marine Month

October is Marine Month and both the best catch and the best match by far is De Toren Délicate served with freshly caught local Yellowtail




October is Marine Month and we offer a few tips below on how you can make a difference.

The season goes well with…

With warmer, brighter days comes the desire for lighter meals and complementary wine pairings that bring out the flavours of the new season’s palate. October is Marine Month and both the best catch and the best match by far is De Toren Délicate served with freshly caught local Yellowtail – a delightful pairing indeed.









An innovative reimagining of red wine, one that offers the refreshment of a white wine and the elegance of a red wine, the French-inspired De Toren Délicate is an exquisite and light cépage (blend) that reveals its best assets when served slightly chilled. The lightness of the wine is in harmony with the delicate fish, which also happens to be green-listed by SASSI.





Here’s our recipe for De Toren Délicate paired with Asian-style Marinated Yellowtail:


Serves 4 as a Starter

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 0 minutes




2T Fish sauce

3T Soy sauce

2T Rice wine vinegar

2T Sesame oil

Salt & pepper to taste

½ Yellowtail fillet, sliced




Combine all the ingredients and marinate the Yellowtail for 2 minutes before serving. Serve with fresh greens like shaved fennel, broccoli, radish, shaved carrots, or samphire.


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More About Marine Month

Every October, a month-long celebration is held in various parts of the country to generate awareness concerning South Africa's coastal areas and all the benefits we reap from the oceans that flow and ebb on the coastal areas our beautiful country.


These oceans are responsible for our glorious climate and determine how much rainfall we receive by providing the climatic zones in each province with plenty of rain to replenish our most precious resource, water. Did you know that our oceans are the main source of moisture in the atmosphere? The celebrations that take place during the month of October are to raise awareness of the importance of looking after our oceans - for providing our country with life-sustaining water.



How you can make a difference

Not only for Marine Month, every South African can do their bit for the conservation of our oceans, rivers, lakes and coastlines.


Limit plastic consumption by opting for greener alternatives such as paper or fabric grocery bags, glass or recyclable bottles.


Only choose sustainable seafood - you can download a sustainable seafood guide at various online sources.


Do not dispose of harmful or toxic chemicals that end up in the water supply. Toxic cleaners, chemicals and pharmaceuticals should be disposed of via your local hazardous waste programs established around the country.


Use green household cleaners and detergents.  There are plenty of eco-friendly options in your local supermarket or visit for alternatives on making your own green cleaners and household products.


Help clean up our coastal resorts and beaches. Too much pollution ends up in our oceans and everyone should do their bit in keeping these areas clean by removing and taking their trash with them.


For more information or resources on Marine Month, visit