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Budget Decorating Ideas For Easter

Easter 2020 wasn't a memorable one for many and this year celebrating Easter might be just as tough, but we put together some budget-friendly ideas for decorating a home for Easter.


Few of us have happy memories of 2020 and most prefer to pretend that the year didn't even exist. Celebrations for Easter 2020 were almost non-existent and you will want to make a special effort to make this year's Easter celebrations a good one to remember. In the spirit of Easter, we put together a selection of budget-friendly and edible ideas to decorate the home.


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Edible Easter Table Decorations

One of the most affordable and budget-friendly ways of decorating a home for any occasion is with edible decorations. When you have family and friends coming around to celebrate this special time, baking up a selection of edible goodies will not only set the tone for the Easter weekend but also provide treats for everyone.


Even if you are not a baker at heart, you can still shop around for baked items that aren't decorated and add your own personal Easter touch with a few edible decorations, or make your own using fondant or icing.

Think Easter favourites like hot-cross buns arranged on a cupcake tower or placed in the centre of the Easter dining table. After lunch, everyone can tuck in and enjoy the decorations.

One of my favourite ways to decorate a special occasion is with doughnuts. Who doesn't enjoy a doughnut with airy filling and sweet icing on top? I pop into Krispy Kreme or my local supermarket and buy enough doughnuts for the weekend and decorate these with different themed-toppings. You can even use edible decorations for place settings.


Bake up a batch of sugar cookies and embellish them with names for place settings.



I am sure that most of you have drooled over a beautifully decorated Easter cake. Well, making that cake is easier than you would think. All you need to do is bake or buy three sponge cakes and layer these on top of each other before decorating with butter icing and your choice of edible embellishments.



Edible Easter Home Decorations

If you can't make it - bake it! There are hundreds of ideas for baking decorations for almost any occasion, and baking your Easter home decorations means that someone gets an extra treat at the end of the holidays. Think edible garlands hanging on the wall or an edible wreath to welcome family and friends into your home.



Decorate the home with an edible Easter garland. Bake sugar cookies with a hole at the top and decorate with icing. Thread on string or rope. You can buy rabbit-shaped cookie cutters at Yuppichef or Takealot.


Edible Easter Egg Hunt

Rather than a traditional Easter egg hunt, make a batch of cake pops decorated with an Easter theme. I like to use a carrot cake mix for the inside cake and dip this in icing before embellishing them with an icing gun. Using a cake mix makes it easy for anyone who doesn't do a lot of baking, and it's almost foolproof too!


Make a batch of cake pops with an Easter theme that you can also use to decorate the Easter dining table.


When it comes to saving money and being budget-friendly, baking your own Easter treats and decorations is something to consider. It makes your home look good and nothing goes to waste.






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