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Bake Today a Cupcake Revival Day!

Spoil yourself or your family with one of these decadent, delicious cupcake recipes and put a smile on everyone's face.


We might all be on lockdown, but that doesn't mean we can't spoil ourselves for at least one day, right? If there is one thing that everyone loves, it's a decadent or delicious cupcake that will put a smile on everyone's face. So with that in mind, we put together some of our favourite cupcake recipes that you can bake at home and share.

Even though most of the stores are closed during the lockdown, your local supermarket is still open where you will find everything you need to make today or tomorrow Cupcake Revival Day!







Rosemary Chocolate Cupcakes

Here is a cupcake recipe you probably haven't tried yet, so why not grab all the ingredients, take out your baking supplies and warm up the oven to make a batch of rosemary chocolate cupcakes [top image]. These cupcakes are lovely and moist with the unique flavours of rosemary and chocolate and topped off with a delicious blackberry buttercream frosting.







Blueberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes

Feel like spoiling yourself? These tart and tangy blueberry cupcakes are topped off with a decadent white chocolate frosting. Forget the diet for one day and enjoy these fluffy creations.

Classic Strawberry and Chocolate Cupcakes

Strawberries are still in season and they make the perfect taste accompaniment to chocolate, so treat yourself and your loved one with a batch of chocolate cupcakes covered with strawberry cream and dressed with chocolate strawberries. Say ooooh!







Salted Caramel Cupcakes

For those cupcake connoisseurs that love the contrast between sweet and salty, these brown sugar cupcakes are filled with a caramel cream and topped with a delicious salted caramel buttercream frosting.

Oreo and Chocolate Cupcakes

Kids love cake. Kids love chocolate. Kids love oreo's. Who wouldn't love a chocolate and oreo cupcake. Me, please! These chocolate cupcakes have an oreo filling and frosting that will have anyone shouting for more!

Thousands of Sprinkles Cupcakes

It's party time at home and the kids will have fun decorating a batch of thousands of sprinkles cupcakes. A basic vanilla cupcake and buttercream frosting is liberally sprinkled with thousands of sprinkles.

Whatever your favourite flavour, don't let the lockdown curb your enthusiasm for fun. Get the whole family involved in baking a batch of delicious cupcakes for a fun-filled day of family fun and favourite treats.