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5-minute steamed pudding

My kids love this 5-minute steamed pudding. It's made in the microwave and tastes just like Malva pudding.


Top the pudding off with a thick, creamy home made custard and the kids will be asking for more!


28 g margarine
28 g sugar
1 egg, beaten
56 g self-raising flour
2 tbls syrup or jam






  1. Place the syrup or jam in the bottom of a small microwave bowl.
  2. Beat all the other ingredients together until they are smooth and pour over the syrup or jam.
  3. Cover the dish with a microwaveable lid or pierced cling film.
  4. Place in your microwave and cook on medium power for 2½ - 3 minutes.
  5. Leave to stand for a minute of two before turning out into a bowl and then eat immediately.