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Add dazzle to your cup cakes


I know they have been a hot trend for awhile now and may one day soon be replaced by the bunt cake or rice pudding rage that is coming upon us, but in all honesty, don’t you just love cupcakes?  Even though they have just as many calories (or perhaps more) than a slice of cake, you just feel less guilty.  It’s a bite sized indulgence every woman deserves more than once in awhile.

This week while I was contemplating my BFF, the cupcake, I realized that maybe I needed to take cupcake decorating beyond just toppers. And so I did it and I loved it and now I am sharing. Here is how to make these easy extra fluffs of fabulous to your cupcake.

You will need:

Jewels (completely optional)

Here's how:

Fold your doilies in half being careful to only crease the centre - not the lace edging. Cut the semi-circle of paper inside the lace out. Shimmy the doily skirt up your cupcake. You may have to cut more lace off depending on the circumference of your cupcake. Add bling if your soul desires. Mine did. Eat your cupcake while chanting, "I deserve this. I’m fabulous."

no fuss fabulous


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