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Make your own cupcake wrappers

It's so easy to make your own cupcake wrappers with scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, and even fabric.



In this project, Domestic Godess Adventures show you how easy it is to make cupcake wrapper for any occasion, from birthday parties, to celebrations, and weddings.

First, carefully disassemble a cupcake liner, and then tape it down to a sheet of paper to use as a template. The actual shape to cut out needs to be slightly wider than that of the cupcake wrapper.

You can create a variety of different wrappers by tracing and cutting out the 'rainbow' design onto different patterned paper or fabric.


It's a good idea to cut out the original template in plastic or acetate sheeting, so that you can keep this in a safe place to use when you need it. Once you have the basic template shape you can put your creative thinking cap on for ways to create and decorate your cupcake wrappers. A stamping pad and coloured ink is just one way to add designs to your cupcake wrappers.

Using wrapping paper glued onto soft card is another way to design a range of cupcake wrappers for a particular occasion.



You can embellish your cupcake wrappers with punched stencil designs and even with rhinestones! Aren't they fantastic? They turned out better than I could have imagined! And all it took was some imagination and persistence!


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