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Just a Few Surprising Things you can Make With A Blender

A kitchen blender is a multi-purpose appliance that you can to whip up a variety of savoury and sweet dishes.



It’s high time you dusted off your under-utilized blender and set its pulse racing!


A versatile kitchen blender is a versatile appliance that has a place in every kitchen, but you will more often than not find that blenders bought or given as gifts invariably end up tucked away in a cupboard to collect dust.  The initial enthusiasm in buying a blender to make dishes, soups and health mixes fades. But don't let your blender become a forgotten piece of equipment when there are so many uses for the blender.







Various other kitchen appliances can be useful when cooking and feeding a family, appliances such as grinders, juicers, ice cream makers, and more, but did you know that the versatile blender can single-handedly serve as an alternative to all those kitchen appliances? Clean up your kitchen countertop space and go for a multi-purpose blender that will make your culinary works simpler and faster.

So without further ado, let's talk about some easy ways to put your blender to good use:



Homemade Nutty Spread and Butter

Who doesn't like nut butters and spreads, be it peanut, pistachio or cashew butter? When it is handmade, it just adds to the satisfaction and making your own delicious nut butter and spread is quick and easy when you use a blender. Use your versatile blender to turn nuts into a delicious spread. All you need to do is drizzle some ingredients like nuts, salts, preferable sweetener, flavourings, and chocolate chips and pulse them for a while in blender. Your homemade nut butter is ready!








Fluffy and Light Pancakes, Waffles and Muffins

Find it difficult and time-consuming to prepare the batter for pancakes, waffles or muffins? A basic blender is a perfect solution to your problem. The next time you think of making these fancy snacks for breakfast or a treat for the kids, put all your work on the mixer. Spill all the necessary ingredients in that machine and go for a smooth blend switching it on. No need to trouble your hand for whisking. Don’t forget to add mix-ins such as chocolate chips and fruits.



Healthy Condiments and Sauces

Condiments like marinades, sauces, salsa and, mayonnaise add fresh or spicy flavours to the regular bought kinds of stuff and they are far more healthy for your family. If you have not tried making them at home yet, then you should go for it. Homemade mayonnaise only needs four ingredients and a few minutes while making it using a blender:

        Extra virgin olive oil
       Grapeseed oil
       Lemon juice

Add the above ingredients into your blender and start the mixing procedure. Keep pulsing it while adding a little bit of oil in it. Yes, that’s it, and your homemade mayonnaise is ready. Similarly, tossing only a few ingredients in the blender and pulse to make different types of marinades, sauces, and salsa right at home.








Banana French Toast with Scrambled Eggs

Give your hands a rest and pour the ingredients into your multi-tasking blender if you wish to make chocolate banana bread. Just put the ingredients in the blender, and the machine will do all the magic. Want scrambled eggs with your foods? You won’t need any egg beating device as I told you your blender is there for everything you need to make. Crack your eggs directly to the blender and add a pinch of salt as per your taste. Start pulsing, and your quick yet filling breakfast will be on the table in a jiffy!



Delicious Chocolate Ice Cream with Fruit

Well, I know how fascinated kids are for ice creams and keep pestering you to buy them one. But are the ice creams available in the stores healthy for the kids? Why don’t you make ice creams by yourself right at home? Trust me; if you own a blender, it’s a no bigger deal. Four ingredients. Yes, only four elements you need to put in your blender for this:

       Fruits (any fruit your kid like)
       Butter (peanut or almond)
       Cocoa powder

Blend it until it turns super smooth. Then refrigerate it. Now you have healthy fruity ice creams to delight your kids. It’s too yummy.