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How to make buttermilk

Making your own buttermilk is easy and it's such a wonderful way to create a wide selection of recipes. Buttermilk is great for making up batter mixes, puddings and cakes. And once you discover how easy it is to make your own buttermilk, you will be whipping up a storm in the kitchen!



1 cup of milk

1 tablespoon white vinegar


1. Pour vinegar into measuring cup and slowly add milk until it reaches 1-cup mark.

2. Stir gently to combine.

Let stand for 5 minutes and then you have buttermilk!

Here are some healthy buttermilk recipes from prevention that show you how easy it is to use buttermilk for healthy and nutritious food and drinks.


Combine buttermilk with frozen berries, a banana, and a dash of vanilla extract in a blender.

Add a few ice cubes and puree until thick and smooth.

The sweet fruit and slightly tart buttermilk balance nicely. Another delicious combo is buttermilk, any nut butter, dates, and a banana.


For an indulgent pudding, whisk 2 cups of buttermilk with 3 eggs, honey and cinnamon to taste, and a pinch of salt.

Pour into ramekins and place in a pan of water.

Bake about an hour until set.


Boil potatoes and, before they're done, add a box of frozen chopped spinach.

Drain, mash, and stir in buttermilk.

Top with some bacon.


Substituting buttermilk in a standard recipe that calls for milk will yield tender, moist, and more flavourful pancakes.

Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda per cup of buttermilk used.

For a noticeably tangy taste, omit any baking powder in the recipe, or leave it in to soften the flavour.


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