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Mozambique - A tropical paradise on our doorstep

Just a hop, skip and jump across the border, Mozambique is a travel destination that offers sun-drenched beaches, turquoise ocean and beautiful islands that you can visit.


Only a hop, skip and jump over the border or up the coast, Mozambique is a travel destination that offers sun-drenched beaches, crystal blue ocean and an abundance of places to visit.

The beautiful, white sand coastline of Mozambique stretches for miles and miles and the warm Indian Ocean beckons. All along the coast you will find popular beaches and resorts, with offshore marine parks and island hops to nearby islands and atolls.

The spicy cuisine is heavily influenced by centuries of Portuguese occupation, and foodies from around the world flock to Mozambique to relax and kick back on the beautiful beaches, while enjoying some of the most flavoursome foods on the planet. The options for dining abound; from traditional sit-down restaurants, to colourful vendors located right on the beaches, and asked us to take a closer look at some of the options.

Foods that you're going to want to try on your visit include prego rolls, a spicy steak in piri-piri sauce on a Portuguese bread roll, and grilled Mozambique grilled prawns - a dish you will find at almost every restaurant along the coastline. Of course you will be able to sample a variety of spicy curry dishes that incorporate distinctive local spices, and plenty of piri-piri sauce, featuring in both prawn and chicken dishes.

Other local foods to try while you are in Mozambique include chamussas, a dish similar to samosas, with a variety of fillings and Mozambican spices, and a seafood stew known locally as Matata. But don't expect these to be on the menu of most sit-down restaurants; these are foods the local tourist will find at street vendors and at more rustic venues.

Whether you're looking for a laid back holiday or an adventure filled vacation, Mozambique is guaranteed to fill your days and nights with memories. Water sports abound and you can enjoy sunset cruises, dolphin tours, or try scuba diving around the breathtaking reefs. There's no shortage of activities to be found while on holiday in Mozambique.

If you're looking for more information on travel to Mozambique, you will find A Guide to Mozambique helpful - with tips on getting to Mozambique, the type of currency you will need, and options for accommodation. The article also offers insight into local entertainment and places to visit.

If you are planning to visit Mozambique, don't forget to update travel inoculations and make sure your Travel Insurance is up to date.