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Welcome guests with a Lindor wreath

There’s no better way to welcome guests over the festive season than with this cheerful twist on the traditional Christmas wreath.



Lindor Chocolate Truffles

Wire wreath frame, or make your own with thin-gauge wire

Thin, floral wire or hot glue gun

Fresh or faux foliage and berries

Colourful thread

Large ribbon bow






1. Gather together all your supplies and lay them out on a large, flat surface.

2. To assemble the wreath start by taking pieces of cut foliage and tying them to the frame with thin wire.

3. Continue to layer foliage around the wire frame, allowing them to flow in the same direction and securing tightly. Cover exposed wire as you work your way around.

4. When you reach the end tie wire ends tightly to one another. Cut the wire and do a few twists to secure.

5. Use small stems to cover any visible wire and then add decorative embellishments. String Lindor truffles through the wreath and wire or use a hot glue gun to secure in place. Add bow and secure with wire or glue gun.

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